Brotherly love
  • DT was stopped in Salisbury"> Brotherly love
  • DT was stopped in Salisbury">

    Q&A with Andrew Brackman

    Andrew Brackman is one of the top high school basketball forwards -- and baseball pitchers -- in the country. <br><br><small><b>Other featured stories for 12/27:</b></small> <li><a href="" target=blank><b>Brotherly love </b></a> <li><a href="" target=blank><b>DT was stopped in Salisbury</b></a>

    Quote of the Day: NC State recruit Andrew Brackman - "State's basketball offense is perfect for me -- I can dribble and drive, shoot from outside and post up. Plus, I get to play ACC baseball. It doesn't get any better than that."

    Q&A with Andrew Brackman
    Tim Stevens * News & Observer
    He is on most top-100 lists in basketball and ranks among the top half-dozen pitchers in baseball. He has accepted a scholarship to play both sports at N.C. State. Read More

    Brotherly love
    Bob Sutton * Freedom News Service
    If Torry Holt, an all-pro receiver for the St. Louis Rams, runs a little faster than normal this weekend, there's good reason. Read More

    DT was stopped in Salisbury
    Mike London * The Salisbury Post
    The first of the three Joe Frazier-Muhammad Ali slugfests, an earth-shaking event known simply as "The Fight," took place at Madison Square Garden on March 8, 1971. Read More

    Complete History of NC State Basketball

    Philip Rivers Tidbit
    St. Petersburg Times

    Philip Rivers a first rounder?
    Jim Wexell * Steel City Sports

    Chuck Amato slammed
    John Cate * Garner News

    Padres Prospect Report: Colt Morton

    Wolfpack and Huskies Collide; NC State in Search of Upset

    Tournament bonds father, son
    Tim Stevens * News & Observer

    32nd Annual Glaxo Invitational Begins on Saturday

    AP Poll

    USA Today/ESPN

    ACC News...
    Tire Bowl may wear quite well
    Caulton Tudor * News & Observer

    Cal Edges Va. Tech in Wild Insight Bowl
    The Associated Press

    ACC opener tough to top
    Ken Tysiac * Charlotte Observer

    Other News...
    Officials reviewing Hawaii Bowl fight
    The Associated Press

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