Howard has Wolfpack Connections

NC State continues to cover the Atlantic Coast for lineman prospects. Last weekend, the Pack hosted lineman from Florida and New Jersey. This weekend, another New Jersey offensive lineman makes his way to Raleigh. Matawan Regional High School's Carl Howard will take his third official visit to check out the Wolfpack.

Carl Howard is in the middle of his official visits. He has completed two trips and looks to take two more in January. We asked the Matawan OL to tell us where he stands in the process.

"I've been to Maryland and Rutgers. The visits were pretty much equal," said Howard. "The both left a great impression on me so far. They definitely explained to me about what they are all about and things."

Carl also came away from some lasting memories from both schools.

"One thing that stands out with Maryland is how they practice. I like their up-tempo practice," Howard told StateFans. "They are always on the go. It is really kind of a quick practice, but they do so much, it doesn't seem like a short practice."

"Rutgers is probably the camaraderie. They are just a family," Carl continued. "I like that a lot. They make me feel at home. They were the first ones to offer me."

We also asked Howard if Rutgers being close to home was an advantage for the Scarlet Knights.

"Definitely. But I think that is with every kid around the nation with their home state school."

With Rutgers and Maryland visits complete, we asked Carl why NC State and Virginia Tech landed his last two visits.

"I like both schools in general. They both were some of the first schools to offer me. They both have stayed with me through the recruiting process," said Howard. "They held on to my spot in the scholarship offer. I asked them to wait for me, so I could get all my visits done. Then I can make my decision. They were loyal to that. They both have let me know the truth as to what was going on. They haven't tried to sugarcoat anything. They have great programs and both go to bowls every year."

What has stood out about NC State during the early recruiting period?

"Coach Demarest is my recruiter. He is from right down the street from Key Port, New Jersey. We share a little relationship there. I also know Alan Halloway, defensive tackle, a senior there. He is from my high school. So I pretty much have a little bit of family there."

Howard has been friends with Halloway for years. "I talk to Alan on occasion. When he comes home, I play him in basketball. He is a good guy. I knew him before he went to NC State, here at the high school."

Carl will be checking out Raleigh and the Wolfpack program this weekend. He told StateFans he wants to get "the feel of things" at NC State.

"Basically I will be looking at the same aspects I looked at other places. The camaraderie, how focus they are, the education in general. I am not worried about the games, but I want to know how I fit in with the team, with the depth chart and everything else like that. So far from I know, that is a plus at both Tech and NC State."

Carl wants to stay with his game plan of taking all his visits before he decides. After NC State, he has Virginia Tech on January 23rd. Look for a decision from Howard after his final visit.

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