Who Will Land Star Receiver Dorien Bryant?

Fork Union (VA) Wide Receiver Dorien Bryant is home for winter break and will take the next couple of days to make a college decision. Here's the latest on his recruitment and when we can expect an announcement.

Swedesboro, NJ- Speaking with WR Dorien Bryant (Ht: 6-0 Wt: 175) from Kingsway Regional HS/Fork Union Military Academy tonight as he was preparing to have lunch with his former high school coach, he talked with Pitt Insiders before Purdue Head Coach Joe Tiller was to have a home visit with him this evening.

We asked Dorien Bryant when his decision would be made, and he explained that he and his mother would sit down and try to make a decision over the next couple of days. Dorien plans to call the 3 coaches from Purdue, Pitt and NC State before he finalizes his plans.

"I want to give them all 1 last chance to tell me why I should go to their school" Bryant explained.

Dorien explained what swayed him from his verbal to Boston College.

"I never once told anyone I committed anywhere, I needed all the time I could take to make up my mind, I would get interviewed by coaches, reporters, and they all took my words and twisted them around too make a story, they had me going to Tennessee and then It was Boston College, and I never committed anywhere" and "I still don't know for sure today what I'm going to do".

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