Gerard Miller: "NC State is the place for me"

StateFans traveled to Vanceboro on signing day to witness the signature of Gerard Miller on his national letter of intent to NC State.

Press: How does it feel to finally sign with the Wolfpack?


Miller: I really didn't think I would be this nervous. I was just going to come in and sign some papers. But it is a real good feat to come this far in my senior season and then cap it off by signing with a D-1 school, that is at the top of it's game, like NC State.


Press: This wasn't a big secret. You announced where you were going pretty early on. Obviously, you had no doubt that you wanted to play at State…


Miller: It was coming down to Florida State and NC State. It was like a split decision. I changed my mind walking from my room to my mom's room. Once I thought it was Florida State then when I got by the kitchen, I was like its NC State all the way. When I told my mom, who thought I was going to Florida State too, she was real proud of me going there (NC State). My family will get to come and see me at pretty much all my games. We got a real good home game schedule this year. So I am pretty much ready to get out there and show what I can do.


Press: Was that part of the reason you decided to go State? Far enough from away from home yet they can still come and watch you play?


Miller: Yea, it's far enough away from home, but then I have some family in the Raleigh area. My aunt and uncle live seven minutes away from the stadium. So if I feel like going off campus and chilling with people I know, I can go right there instead of going far away where I have to start all over and kind of learn who I can trust there. So pretty much there is family there and I really want my mom and dad to come to all my games. They have been coming to my games since the sixth grade. So I mind as well keep the tradition alive.


Press: What is the most exciting part of this day?


Miller: I get to sign away from my mom (laugh). I am just happy to have the opportunity to get away from home to get my education. I also am with my fellow players here. This is something we have talked about since we were real young. We are happy now and it is unbelievable.


Press: I guess this is like the first day of the rest of your life. What does it mean to have a chance to play with a team that has change to win a BCS championship? It must be awful exciting to know you will be playing on national television. It just seems to be a great opportunity.


Miller: It feels real good. It's like the game is so fast and I have to get so much stronger and so much better but that's why I am going to college for. I am just ready to get out there and enjoy myself and start my college career.

Press: Just one more time, if you would just talk about how excited you are to go to State and why you decided that there was going to be your choice.


Miller: NC State has a great coaching staff. I feel real comfortable with them. When I went on my official visit, the players showed me another part of NC State that I didn't know about. They showed me how comfortable it was there. There were a couple of players like me that was stuck between two top schools. Some were like with Ohio State and Oklahoma and switched to NC State. So I just felt like that it was the place for me.


Press: I guess Andre Brown will be joining you down the road. Do you know him? Are you excited he will be there too?


Miller: Yea, I know Andre. We spent a lot of time with each other at the Shrine Bowl. He knows he will be chilling with me a little bit. We are going to have a good time down there and try to win some championships while we are there.


Press: Do you know all the signs and everything (wuffie sign).


Miller: Oh yea (laughs and shows the wolf).


Press: What was that happened between the bedroom and the kitchen that changed your mind to NC State?


Miller: I don't know. At first it was like, my mom left the decision up to me where I want to go to college. I thought, if she was going to give me that much lead way, the least I could do is pay her back by letting her come to all my games. Because, if I did go to Florida State, she would come to some games but not as many ones at NC State. It's close to home and I have family there. I could tell by her facial expressions that she was really happy with my decision. She was about to cry when I told her that because she was so happy. But I think this is the place for me. I didn't even take anymore official visits after I made my decision. Coaches were still calling me talking about ‘Gerard,  I have an official visit set up for you'. I was like, there is no need for me to come out and waste your money. I know where I am going and I know where my heart is and NC State is the place for me.

Gerard Miller inks with the Pack!

Daniel Miller (Gerard's Father), Tammy Miller (Mother) and local media witness Gerard signing with NC State.

Wolfpack signee Gerard Miller and Family celebrate NC State signing.

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