Brown: "It's Just an Honor"

Signing Day coverage continues as Statefans attended the press conference held at Rose High School for Andre Brown who inked with NC State on Wednesday. StateFans has the transcript and the photos from the event.

Press: It must be a good feeling to have signing day here and having that little paper there in front of you. What's it mean to sign for a scholarship there?


Brown: It feels good knowing that the whole recruiting process is over with. I'm just glad it's over with.


Parade All-American Andre Brown
Press: You made you decision a couple of weeks ago. Is this a better feeling actually having it official now?


Brown: Yea. Knowing that I am officially part of the NC State football program is just an honor. To put my name on these papers is just great to do that.


Press: NC State has a good group of running backs. What do you think you bring to the table in that category?


Brown: Tenacity (laughing)! I think I am a pretty good running back. I am going to help the program out with it (his ability). TA is there and so is the other kid, Darrell Blackman and also me. We are going to be a very good backfield. That is a very good group of running backs. That's what it's all about.


Press: How excited are you about this decision?


Brown: I feel great about it, you know. I'm getting tingles right now (smiling). I feel good.


Press: Was there any second guessing between the trip to Atlanta (Countdown to Signing Day) and today?


Brown: Nope. Not at all. See, when I made my commitment on the TV show, phone calls kind of died down. Some came on late after seeing the TV show, but this is why I felt comfortable at. That is where I felt right at.

Brown signs on the dotted line
Press: What went into your decision?

Brown: Coaches. Because I am about to be around them for the next four years of my life and I have to feel comfortable around them. School and what their tutoring program looks like. I just felt comfortable being around the coaches because they are going to be a very big impact with the rest of my life.


Press: Going back to youth ball till now, what kind of accomplishment is this for you now?


Brown: It is an accomplishment. It felt good. When I was back playing youth ball, I would have never believed this would happen, especially where I am from. So, it just feels very good to come this far and I still have some more to do.


Press: You talk about the coaches, what is your relationship with Coach Portee?


Brown: He tells you like it is and that's what I like. I like for a guy to be up front with me. I think he is a very good coach. He has like what? Fifteen years experience at the running back position? He just knows running backs and how to teach guys to be a better running back.


Press: How does this compare feeling wise with Rose winning the State Championship?


Brown: Stamp! It stamps my senior year. I came down here not knowing what to expect and by the final year I end up with a State Championship and a full scholarship to NC State.

Andre Brown signs his letter of intent in front of local media.

Signing Day Package from NC State

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