Coach Amato's Signing Day Quotes

Wolfpack head coach talks about new recruiting class.

Quotes From Chuck Amato's Signing Day Press Conference

On the recruiting year as a whole:

"Because of the numbers we signed a year ago, we knew that we were going to have to be very selective in who we went after and how we went after them. Everything starts here at home. We feel we signed what some people say are the top four or five players in this state. We'll all find out in a few years how good they really are. All the young men we signed from the state will play a tremendous role in the future of this program. All of the schools in this state need to do whatever we can to keep the homegrown talent here. We started here, then we had to go get them from where ever they were. We had a good mix; we had seven from this state, five from Florida, three from Pennsylvania, a kid from Georgia, a kid from Alabama and a young man from Texas. If we want to compete nationally in the fall, we have to compete nationally in recruiting. We have to recruit those kinds of people. If you look at that schedule we have next year, it's quite a schedule."

On going down to the wire on so many kids:

"In the last two days, we probably lost anywhere from 12 to 14 where it was between us and the top 10. We lost a few and we got a few, but it shows us we're recruiting the right people. That's a tribute to those coaches and everybody involved in this process. We needed depth at running back and we got two outstanding running backs. You hear me say that you win games up front. The skill people get all the credit but it's what's happening up front. When you play good defense it's because your people up front can dominate. We signed eight linemen in a class of 18. That's a good majority of your class. When you look at some of the youngsters we signed from this state with [DeMario] Pressley, [Gerard] Miller, and [Brandon] Setzer. We have LaMarte McGhee from Roxboro. These are young men that everybody recruited. Two of them at some point had to tell Florida State that they weren't going to go there."

Discusses the signing of quarterback Daniel Evans, son of former Wolfpack quarterback and punter Johnny Evans:

"Who's to say that quarterback won't be as good as anybody that we recruited? He threw for over 3,500 or 3,800 yards this year if, I'm not mistaken. When his daddy came here as a freshman, and he ended up playing pro football, he weighed 168 or 170 pounds. That's about what Daniel weighs. Daniel is super intelligent and he ran an offense for three or four years that is similar to what we do. He makes quick decisions."

On the late decision of DeMario Pressley:

"We didn't hear anything until around 2:15. Last night we had about four other guys, I mean we had 'em. you see them, now you don't. There's a lot of magic acts out there. What I like about [Pressley], he's been doing it for three years at an outstanding high school football program that has won. He's been a leader. From his waist down he's very strong. He's very strong in his lower body and he's quick. He's probably 290 pounds and he's a well put together 290 pounds that's going to be able add some more strength and body weight. He plays hard. That's what I really look at in linemen: how hard do they play? He plays hard and he can dominate."

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