Q&A: Demario Pressley

After signing with N.C. State on signing day Greensboro (NC) Dudley's Demario Pressley says he feels great about his choice. The nation's top defensive tackle discussed his recruiting experience with Statefans in this exclusive Q&A session.

After signing with N.C. State on signing day Greensboro (NC) Dudley's Demario Pressley says he feels great about his choice. The nation's top defensive tackle discussed his recruiting experience with Statefans in this exclusive Q&A session.

StateFans: First of all, how do you feel about your decision?

Demario Pressley: "Man, I feel great. I'm just glad it's over with. It really wasn't that tough holding in what I wanted to do. It was easy for me."

SF: How has it been around school after announcing your decision and do you think a lot of people were surprised?

DP: Everybody's been saying 'Yea, Wolfpack' or 'Go Pack.' I think I surprised everyone though because everybody thought I would go to North Carolina. When I announced it in the gym it got real loud so I think they were happy with it."

SF: What about all your good friends, how do they feel?

DP: "I think they are happy. The best thing with them is they will support me no matter what."

SF: This fall, how did you go about balancing unofficial visits and games? Was it tough to do that?

DP: "I just tried to spread it out, or balance it out and be fair to all of them."

SF: I remember the first time we talked you mentioned, that you had a Philip Rivers jersey. Do you still have it and if so when was the last time you wore it?

DP: "[Laughing] Yea, I remember that. I think I wore that jersey to the first NC State game I went to. I still have it, but it's a little too small to wear now."

SF: What did you think of the fans at NC State games and can you compare it to the other games you went to this year?

DP: "It's just that the crowd is crazy. It's just unbelieveably loud at their games. I'll tell you what really caught my attention. I went to the Wake-State game at Wake Forest and it was just crazy. There was so many NC State fans there and all you heard was 'Wolf'... 'Pack'... 'Wolf'...'Pack.' (Laughing) Seems like I couldn't get that out of my head."

SF: I've heard from several people that you really had interest in Wake Forest. Do you think if they were a higher-profile school you would have looked at them even more?

DP: Yea... I liked it down there at Wake Forest. The only thing is it seemed too small."

SF: How was it with the in-home visits? What did you think of those?

DP: "Everything was good. To tell you the truth the hardest part was scheduling them. What I liked is that they really didn't have to be in-home. They could just visit me and hang out. Like, I took (Oklahoma State Assistant) Coach Dunbar to a basketball game. Then we would stop to get something to eat and he would leave."

SF: What about the official visits? Did any visit just stand out to you and catch your attention?

DP: "People keep asking me what was my best visit. It was between NC State and Florida State... I can't make up my mind. Then at Carolina I really liked their computer science building."

SF: I read that you actually took unofficial visits to NC State and UNC the weekend before your press conference. What made you take those visits so close to signing day?

DP: "That was something I had to do. I had a little doubt in my mind about what I wanted to do so I had to visit them both one more time."

SF: Take me through that day... tell me what all you got to do on the NC State visit.

DP: "I went to State first. I went up there, and I talked with Coach Chuck for a long time. Then I went in the lounge and met all the recruits. My boy, Charles Jones, came with me and we chilled in the lounge and played pool and Playstation 2. After that we went back to Freddie Aughtry-Lindsay's dorm, and after that we went with him to the mall."

SF: How was it when you went over to North Carolina?

DP: "When I got to Carolina it was already dark, so I met up with Isaiah Thomas, Mike Mason, and Kyndraus (Guy). First we went to get something to eat and hang out at the dorm. Then we went to a little get together at their rooms."

SF: It seems like it would be a little weird to hang out with these guys and then all of a sudden they are your rivals. Do you think that will be tough?

DP: "Yea, it is. I mean all of them are my friends, but it was going to be that way with either school I pick because I have friends at both."

SF: Who all do you know at NC State and what kind of advice did they give you?

DP: "I know T.J. Williams, Manny Lawson, Mario Williams, T.A., Freddie Lindsay... all of them. The main thing they told me was to follow my heart."

When exactly did you realize that you wanted to go to NC State?

DP: "It was early in the week before signing day."

What made you come to that conclusion so early before annoucing your choice?

DP: "Me, my mom, my dad, and my coach... we talked about it. First we weighed the pros and cons of each school and then we compared the two. After that we looked at my heart, and I guess N.C. State was just better for me."

SF: "What did your coach think of your decision?

DP: "I think he was fine with it. He asked me if I went with my heart and I said yes. Then he said, 'then that's the perfect decision."

SF: How do you feel about playing time next year?

DP: "I think I can play early. They lost two seniors at tackle so maybe I can come in and play."

SF: What do you think of the facilities at NC State?

DP: "They are wonderful... just great. My favorite thing is when you walk into the locker room and see that bright red light. For some reason I just liked that."

SF: What did you think of the head coaches from each school?

DP: "I liked all the head coaches."

SF: What do you like about Coach Amato?

DP: "He's just so determined. Coach Chuck has ambition too. I remember him saying, 'We are going to win with or without you.' That really stuck with me. I just like his determination."

SF: Do you know any guys that signed with NC State?

DP: "I know Gerard Miller. I just know he's fast. He's real fast to be so big. I heard he may play end or tackle."

SF: What do you think it's going to be like going up against Jamaal (Edwards) and Martel (Thatch)?

DP: "(Laughing)It's going to be crazy. I can't wait."

SF: Do you think the fact that they went to different schools made your decision easier?

DP: "Yes, it did. But, if they would have went to the same school I would have been there."

SF: Do you know when you plan on coming up this summer?

DP: "I'm going to come up this summer for the second summer session."

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