Greg Thomas: "He made a good decision"

StateFans was at Greenville Rose to witness Andre Brown signing his letter of intent to NC State. After the papers were signed, we were able to interview Greenville Rose Head Coach, Greg Thomas.

Press: Can you tell us what Andre meant to your State Championship team?

Thomas: Oh I tell you, from an offensive standpoint, you just have to get the ball in his hands as much as possible. You know sooner or later, good things are going to happen. We wouldn't have gotten to the State Championship without Andre. Then again, we would not have gotten there without a lot of his teammates. It was a team effort, but Andre sure was the leader of that team.

Signing Day at Greenville Rose
Press: This was Andre's third year at Rose. Could you see what type of potential Andre had as a sophomore?

Thomas: Absolutely. God gifted him with a lot of talent and ability. The thing about Andre that I am proud of is that every year he got better and better. He worked hard in the off-season so he could get his talents to the best of his ability. You could see it was there. With hard work and a commitment to get better, he got to that point.

Press: What did you see that NC State did as a program that made them stand-out in Andre's recruiting process?

Thomas: Coach Diaz, I would say was very consistent and persistent. They stayed on top of Andre on a week to week basis. He (Diaz) is a good person and with Andre that went a long way. He felt comfortable around their coaching staff. I think he wanted to stay in-state, and I think that had a lot to do with it also. He thought NC State would be the best fit for him and he made a good decision.

Press: How do you think Andre performed at the Shrine Bowl against the other top players form the Carolinas?

Thomas: There were a lot of tremendous athletes there and you just try to fit in and get everyone playing time. So you really can't show what you can actually do in a game like that. But I knew if they gave Andre the football enough times that something good would happen and it did at the Shrine Bowl.

Greenville Rose Head Coach Greg Thomas and NC State signee, Andre Brown

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