Clay Jordan: "He is just a natural leader"

Gerard Miller signed with NC State last Wednesday. Among those to watch the signing included his parents, Tammy and Daniel Miller. Also overseeing the event was West Craven Head Coach Clay Jordan. StateFans interviewed all three after Gerard signed his papers.

Post signing interview with Gerard's mother, Tammy Miller

Press: What do you think about your son going to NC State?


Tammy Miller: I think he made a good choice. We sat down and analyzed all the schools that had offered. To me, State had the whole picture for him. They had the fans, academically, they had what he wanted to major in, and they are growing. I don't see anything but good things happening in the future.


Press: When did your family start this process? Looking at schools and things like that?


Tammy Miller: We started about a year and half ago. When we thought he wasn't doing a thing on the football field, people evidently saw things that we didn't. We have been seriously getting in to it over the summer.


Press: I know you must be proud as a parent. If you would reflect a little, looking back from Pop Warner to the present, what does this mean as a parent to have Gerard sign a national letter of intent?


Tammy Miller: It is a blessing. It truly is a blessing from God. It also showed me the determination he had. He went through a lot of negatives as he was going up, especially with his size. He wanted to play Pop Warner but he couldn't because he was over-sized. That was a big hindrance for him. A lot of people would tell him he wouldn't be able to play at the next level. To see and go through all of that and watch him come out on top has truly been a blessing.


Post signing interview with Gerard's father, Daniel Miller


Press: Tell me how you handled Gerard as a parent when he was told he could not play Pop Warner football because of his weight.


Daniel Miller: It was kind of tough at first because they wanted him to lose weight and he wasn't a big kid. He was not fat. We could not understand why they wanted a guy that young to lose weight so we just told him to wait until he got to middle school. He fell in love with basketball after that so we just switched from football to basketball.


Press: You followed his career from Junior High through High School going to all his games. What does it mean to you to be able to continue watching the games in Raleigh now?


Daniel Miller: It is just awesome. I can see all the games and all the top teams in the ACC. It is a dream come true.


Press: Do you see yourself going to many away games?


Daniel Miller: More than likely. I can see me going to 90% of the games. We will definitely be at most of the games, let me put it like that.


Press: Can you describe to me how you are feeling as a parent right now.


Daniel Miller: Just very proud. Very proud. He is a great kid and I love him to death.



Post signing interview with West Craven Coach, Clay Jordan

Press: As Gerard's coach, can you give us your input as far as Gerard's playing ability and what makes him a division one player?


 Clay Jordan: Number one, you are looking at a young man who is a great kid. He is a yes sir, no sir kid. His parents have done a great job raising him. He is just a solid, solid citizen. This day and time, which will go a long way as far as his work habits go. He is a weight room workaholic. He loves to lift and always has since we got him as a ninth grader. The big thing with Gerard is he is a big kid who can run. He can run with any big man in the state. I would not trade him for any D-lineman in the state. A lot of people didn't know about him and some still don't. They are going to be really surprised at what type of athlete he is. I think the people in Raleigh already know a little bit, but I think people statewide are going to be surprised. I have heard so much talk about Demario Pressley and Marque Hall, but I really think Gerard is the better of those three. Gerard Miller is a good football player and I think he will do well in Raleigh.


Press: How quick was NC State on Gerard? What was about NC State that set them apart from the other schools?


Clay Jordan: We carried our kids around to camp at five different Universities. Coach Amato's thoughts as far as defensive lineman, is he wants players who can run. Size is not a real big deal to him. Once they saw him run, I think that sold the boat for him. I think what set State apart was he wanted to stay close to home. He had a chance to go to Florida State and Tennessee and different places but his family is important to him and he wanted to stay close to them so they could get up and see him play.


Press: What has Gerard meant to your football program?


Clay Jordan: We had a great class of seniors this year. They have won 36 games in three years. He was a big part of that. One thing that Gerard brings to the team is leadership. He is a natural leader. Even at the Shrine Bowl this year, I kind of think he took over the defense and led them as far as motivation and that type thing. He is just a natural leader. His leadership and his work habits… I think our kids saw him in the weight room after practice and before practice and they fed off that. The other thing too, he is one that has never had any disciplinary problems. Our principal here hardly even knows him. Again, his family did a great job with him. They asked the right questions at night… ‘Do you have any homework? Where have you been?'  I think they are role models for some of our other parents. Good things happen to good people as the old saying goes and it fits in this case.

Daniel, Gerard and Tammy Miller

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