Sendek winning his way
  • Hometown Cam fills in"> Sendek winning his way
  • Hometown Cam fills in">

    Destiny riding on Wolfpack's side this time

    Throwback jerseys are all the rage in the athletic apparel business these days. The look has become so widespread that kids... <p><small><b>Other featured stories for 3/12:</b></small><li><a href="" target=blank><b>Sendek winning his way</b></a> <li><a href="" target=blank><b>Hometown Cam fills in</b></a>

    Quote of the Day:N.C. State senior Marcus Melvin - "We're not here just to be here. It means a whole lot. It means you are a part of some of the best players and best teams that have ever played college basketball -- the great N.C. State teams, the great Carolina teams, the great Duke teams. I don't know about everybody else, but this means a lot to us."

    Destiny riding on Wolfpack's side this time
    Brett Friedlander * Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer
    Throwback jerseys are all the rage in the athletic apparel business these days. The look has become so widespread that kids who weren't even born in the 1970s are now walking around wearing everything from Nolan Ryan's old Houston Astros rainbows to those hideous lime green Atlanta Hawks tank tops. In keeping with that curious fashion trend, the Atlantic Coast Conference has convened at the Greensboro Coliseum this weekend to hold a throwback tournament. Read More

    Sendek winning his way
    Steve Phillips * High Point Enterprise
    Herb Sendek doesn't play golf. He doesn't hunt or fish either, despite efforts of friends to get him to take a hobby. Sendek's priorities are his family, his Catholic faith and basketball, and he doesn't make time for anything else. Read More

    Hometown Cam fills in
    Matt Middleton * Technician
    During the final weeks of the regular season, Cameron Bennerman stood alone in the postgame interview room after a particular home win before exiting and saying "none of these guys know who I am anyway." He doesn't have that problem now. Read More

    Lail: Turning a Blue Tide

    Preview: Pack willing to grind it out
    News & Observer

    Inside the locker room: FSU
    A.J. Carr * News & Observer

    Inside the locker room: NCSU
    A.J. Carr * News & Observer

    N.C. State - Florida State: Finding the point
    Al Featherston * The Herald-Sun

    No. 2. N.C. State vs. No. 7 Florida State
    Hermann Wendorff * Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer

    'Benner' effort
    Brett Friedlander * Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer

    Parents crisscross country for players
    Russ Rizzo * News & Record

    FSU's Pickett limping into State game
    John Delong * Winston-Salem Journal

    Sherrill hoping he's not a spectator in his final ACC tournament
    Ken Tysiac * Charlotte Observer

    FSU's Pickett remains questionable with ankle injury
    Tom Berry and Steve Phillips * High Point Enterprise

    Pack like chances in ACC tournament
    Jeff Wyrick * Freedom News Service

    Scooter 'doubtful' because of tears
    Bret Strelow * Salisbury Post

    Guarded casualties
    Matt Middleton * Technician

    Seminoles Face a Must Win for NCAA Hopes
    The Associated Press

    Pickett hobbled, but FSU still has hope for NCAA
    Bryan Landman * St. Petersburg Times

    Painful suspense
    Jack Corcoran * Tallahassee Democrat

    Seminoles' task goes beyond Wolfpack
    Collin Mickle * Miami Herald

    No. 7 Florida State (18-12) vs. No. 2 N.C. State (19-8)
    Keith Jarrett * Asheville Citizen-Times

    Gary Hahn's Scouting Report: NC State in ACC Tournament

    Wolfpack Familiar with Florida State's Desperation
    Tony Haynes *

    Spring Preview: Talent, Experience Return on "O"

    Philip Rivers Tidbit
    Clarence E. Hill Jr. * Star-Telegram

    Philip Rivers Tidbit 2
    Pete Prisco *

    Film Session: Defensive Lineman Brandon Setzer

    Williams Ready to Commit?
    The Insiders

    AP Poll

    USA Today/ESPN

    USA Today/ESPN
    Jeff Sagarin NCAA basketball ratings

    2003-2004 RPI

    2004 College Basketball Ratings Percentage Index
    Ken Pomeroy

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    Massey Ratings
    Kenneth Massey

    Projecting the seeds


    Fox Bracket

    ACC News...
    Tickets growing tougher to get
    Barbabra Barrett * News & Observer

    Cavaliers find new life with overtime victory
    Luke DeCock * Ned Barnett * News & Observer

    ACC centers are shorter
    Robbie Pickeral * News & Observer

    Duke favored, but others loom in ACC title chase
    Hermann Wendorff * Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer

    It comes down to who wants it more
    Ed Hardin * News & Record

    THE MYTH: ACC Tourney is predictable more often than not
    Lenox Rawlings * Winston-Salem Journal

    Q&A With Dick Vitale
    Charlotte Observer

    Other News...
    Colleges: NCAA may implement new recruiting rules
    The Herald-Sun

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