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Wolfpack Drop Close Match With No. 19 Tar Heels

Conor Taylor continues to elevate his game as the season progresses, dropping his third straight ranked opponent at No. 1 singles, this time with a straight set win against North Carolina. <p><small><b>Other featured stories for 3/25:</b></small><li><a href="" target=blank><b>CBS NFL Mock Draft</b></a>

The Hodge Watch

"But unless Hodge can be reasonably assured after the June 1-2 pre-draft camp that he'll be a first-rounder, his best option would be to withdraw from the draft and play for State next season. He can pull his name out up to a week before the draft and still return to NCSU." - Caulton Tudor 3/24/2004

Hodge #31, second round
College Hoops Net

Hodge not projected in Draft

Hodge not projected in Draft

Hodge not projected in Draft

Hodge projected #46 in Draft
Draft Blitz

Quote of the Day: The Technician's Abbie Byrom - "If you want to pose for Playboy, Playgirl, or anything like that, it's your right. But as a student, I don't appreciate the number one smut magazine - I mean, gentleman's magazine - in the world coming to N.C. State to select models. Call me old fashioned, but no matter how you wrap it, it's still Playboy taking pictures of naked girls, and then slapping the N.C. State seal of approval on top."

Wolfpack Drop Close Match With No. 19 Tar Heels
The Tar Heels would win the match at their home tennis center, however, winning the last three matches to break a 2-2 tie in winning 5-2. The Tar Heels improve to 3-0 in the ACC and NC State fell to 1-3 with the loss. Read More

CBS Mock Draft
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11. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Philip Rivers, QB, North Carolina State. The Steelers have to find a quarterback for the future, and they are said to love Rivers. This is a pick that makes sense. Read More

Larry Hunter in final three for JMU position

Painful exit will haunt Wolfpack
Ron Green Jr. * Charlotte Observer

Rivers May Be Steelers Target

Shooting for excellence
News & Observer

Rivers Tidbit

NC State 'Pro Day' Photo Gallery

Simmons to Play in 2004 Roundball Classic Tonight

High School/AAU Basketball Events Calendar

Coach: "He's Kind of a Poor Man's Ron Artest"

Wolfpack and Tarheels Vie for Baker

ACC News...
Point guard grows up fast
Lorenzo Perez * News & Observer

Other News...
NCAA seeks new academic measures
Jim Young * News & Record

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