QB Rivers reviews his Pro Day "> QB Rivers reviews his Pro Day ">

Hunter in the hunt

Larry Hunter, N.C. State's associate head basketball coach, is one of the leading candidates to become the head coach at James Madison University, sources at NCSU said Friday. <p><small><b>Other featured stories for 3/27:</b></small><li><a href="http://www.foxsports.com/content/view?contentId=2267416" target=blank><b>QB Rivers reviews his Pro Day </b></a>

The Hodge Watch

"But unless Hodge can be reasonably assured after the June 1-2 pre-draft camp that he'll be a first-rounder, his best option would be to withdraw from the draft and play for State next season. He can pull his name out up to a week before the draft and still return to NCSU." - Caulton Tudor 3/24/2004

Hodge #31, second round
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Hodge not projected in Draft

Hodge not projected in Draft

Hodge not projected in Draft

Hodge projected #46 in Draft
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Quote of the Day: Philip Rivers on his Pro Day Work-Out - "Most of it's done. Most evaluations, from what I've been told for most pro coaches, 90% or more are done when your college season is over. They want to see if you can play the game. The physical testing and mental testing can separate you from the pack or make you fall. Hopefully with the evaluations I was graded high and then able to improve my chances these last couple of months."

Hunter in the hunt
Chip Alexander * News & Observer
Hunter, 54, was the head coach for 12 years at Ohio University before joining the Wolfpack program in 2001. In his three years on NCSU coach Herb Sendek's staff, the Pack has installed a version of the Princeton offensive system and reached the NCAA Tournament all three seasons. Read More

QB Rivers reviews his Pro Day
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In the final weeks leading up to the NFL Draft (April 24-25 in New York), North Carolina State QB Philip Rivers will share his life in his weekly Draft Diaries as he approaches the day of his dreams. Read More

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A Decision Could Come Soon From Williams

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