Defense sparks 'Noles"> Defense sparks 'Noles">

Comparable to 1983

Tonight's matchup between underdog Georgia Tech and Connecticut bears an eerie resemblance to the 1983 title matchup, when North Carolina State shocked Houston. <p><small><b>Other featured stories for 4/5:</b></small><li><a href="" target=blank><b>Defense sparks 'Noles</b></a>

Hodge Watch
"But unless Hodge can be reasonably assured after the June 1-2 pre-draft camp that he'll be a first-rounder, his best option would be to withdraw from the draft and play for State next season. He can pull his name out up to a week before the draft and still return to NCSU." - Caulton Tudor 3/24/2004

Hodge not projected in Draft
Hodge not projected in Draft
Hodge #31, second round
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Hodge not projected in Draft
Hodge projected #46 in Draft
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Rivers Watch
"Rivers has a demeanor, a presence about him. Everyone talks about his delivery, but we have no reservations regarding his throwing motion. He has the ability to make all the throws." - Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer - 3/30/2004

Quarterbacks top this first mock draft

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2004 Mock Draft
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2004 NFL Mock Draft
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Quote of the Day: North Carolina State baseball coach Elliott Avent - "They (FSU) have a good baseball team. I know they were struggling a little bit when we came in defensively, and they had a tough night Friday. But (Saturday) they showed what they are about. Today they came out and played with a lot more confidence."

Comparable to 1983
Jake Curtis * San Francisco Chronicle
-- Like Houston in 1983, Connecticut spent several weeks ranked No. 1 and came into the final as the clear favorite, having crushed its tournament competition and vanquishing its presumed top foe in a ballyhooed semifinal game -- Houston beat No. 2 Louisville, and UConn beat Duke. Read More

Defense sparks 'Noles
Steve Ellis * Tallahassee Democrat
Don't bother coach Mike Martin about Stephen Drew's struggles at the plate against North Carolina State. Drew may have a zero in the hit column for the series but it was another zero that was a bigger deal to Martin after No.19 FSU won 10-3 on Sunday to bounce back with two victories over the Wolfpack. Read More

State drops series to Seminoles
John S. Hett * Technician

NC State Baseball Falls To Florida State, 10-3

ACC Spring Games
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Fox bound for west coast
Tyler Dukes * Technician

Defense locks down in spring game
Austin Johnson * Technician

Photos: Recruits at the Spring Game

Crouch Still High on NC State?
The Insiders

ACC News...
In the end, the Devils cracked
Ned Barnett * News & Observer

Jack does it all for Yellow Jackets
Al Featherston * The Herald-Sun

Tech's mojo still in high gear
Rob Daniels * News & Record

ACC rakes in NCAA cash
Tom Berry * High Point Enterprise

Other News...
Canes close season with 6 goals, ugly tie
Luke DeCock * News & Observer

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