Part I - Wolfpack Targets Impress at Boo Williams

I'm back from the Boo Williams Invitational and as always I return full of enthusiasm for most of the NC State prospects I scouted during the tournament. Most players I watched met my expectations but a few fell short with what I considered poor performances. <P> Here is Part I of the StateFans Boo Williams Player Report.

2005 SG David Huertas (6'6 * Miami Tropics)


David is a star in the making. He has the versatility that the NC State coaching staff covets. He can drain the three or he can take it inside off the dribble if challenged on the perimeter. It is hard to say if he's a Point guard, shooting guard, or small forward because of the versatility his game possesses. Huertas is also a great shooter and has the ability to find open teammates. Player he most reminds me of: Duke 2004 signee David McClure. No kidding. He is that good... maybe better.


2006 C Jason Bennett (7'2 * Miami Tropics)


Jason's forte is his potential. At 7'2, he has the size to be a force one day in the college ranks. Right now he is learning to use his tall frame and from what I am told he has made tremendous strides in improving his basketball coordination. He runs well and his biggest asset right now is his shot-blocking ability. The best thing about him is he is only a rising Junior. Player he most reminds me of: A young Tommy Burleson. Uncoordinated in the beginning, but man oh man, the potential.


Jon Brockman readies to punish

2005 PF Jon Brockman (6'6 * Friends of Hoops)


Talk about throwback, this is the definition of a star from the 50s. Jon was the best player I saw this weekend and he did it the old fashion way, he earned every point and rebound on the stat sheet. He posted up some of the best big men in the tournament and abused them all. He had double-doubles in both games I watched him play. Jon knows his strength is in the paint and he does not try to extend his game beyond 10 feet. Awesome player! Player he most reminds me of:  NBA legend Charles Barkley. Jon is only about 6'6, but he is probably the strongest post player I have seen since scouting the AAU games.


2005 PG Mitch Johnson (6'0 * Friends of Hoops)


The skinny on Mitch is he is supposed to be one of the top PGs in the class of 2005. This may be so, but in the games I saw Mitch, he had as many turnovers as he did assists. He shot very little, but when he did he rarely found the bottom of the net. Maybe he had a bad tournament or perhaps he is overrated. In any case, I was not impressed. Player he most reminds me of: Former Wolfpack PG Ernie Myers. Ernie averaged more turnovers then he did assists during his four years at NC State.


2005 PF Arminus Urbitus (6'9 * Team Florida)


Arminus is a 3 star PF/SF originally from Lithuania. Let me be honest here, Urbitus did not play well in the game I scouted him. He was pretty much abused all night by Friends of Hoops' John Brockman who abused the entire field at Boo Williams. Arminus played weak and did not show me the 17 foot range he is rumored to have. I saw a lot better prospects on Friday and Saturday. Player he most reminds me of: Duke's Shavlik Randolph playing at the RBC. Big expectations that never pan out.


2005 SG Keaton Grant (6'4 * Team Florida)


Keaton was probably the best athlete on the floor for either team when Team Florida played Friends of Hoops. He was explosive and his first step is for real. He hustled and spent a lot of time diving for loose balls. I was impressed with everything except his free throw shooting where he missed long, short and wide. Player he most reminds me of: Maybe Anthony Grundy. I really need to see Keaton again.



2005 SF Luc Mbahamoute (6'7 * Team Florida)


Luc's high school coach feels he could play point guard in college. If I think of traditional PG's, I am not buying into that claim. However, in NC State's offense he would be superb playing anywhere on the wing. Oh yea... at NC State, they all play on the perimeter! Player he most reminds me of: I made a note beside his name on my roster; Marcus Melvin. That is, the free-wheeling Melvin during his Sophomore and Junior years when he caused havoc for opposing big men by bringing the ball up court and then making them face up from 20 feet out.

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