Part II - StateFans Boo Williams Player Report

I'm back from the Boo Williams Invitational and as always I return full of enthusiasm for most of the NC State prospects I scouted during the tournament. Most players I watched met my expectations but a few fell short with what I considered poor performances. <p> Here is Part 2 of the StateFans Boo Williams Player Report.

Part I - Wolfpack Targets Impress at Boo Williams

2005 PG Chris Douglas-Roberts (6'5" * The Family)


I would not call Chris a true Point Guard in the traditional since of the word. But, oh my, he is the type of guard that would thrive in the NC State offense. He is a quick riser off the floor and to me that quickness was what set him apart from other players on the court. He can make the good pass, but he can also take you one-on-one in the post (Grundy like). He also showed a flair for the lost mid-range jumper. I loved this kid's game. Player he most reminds me of: Julius Hodge. I know it might sound cliché to say so, but in this case I think it fits.


2005 SG KC Rivers (6'5" * Charlotte Royals)


What can you say about the star player on a team that went 0 for 3 at Boo? Two words… HOT DOG. He was able to shoot his team into the winless category by making only 9 baskets in 29 attempts in the two games I scouted him. He is a bulldozer inside where he got most of his points playing like a PF. The bottom line in this tournament is when the games were tied or close in the last 5 minutes, I saw K.C. walking up the court on more than one occasion. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt here and just say he came to Virginia out of shape. Player he most reminds me of: 2003 Wake Forest commitment, Jeremy Ingram, who was disappointing in the Gibbons tournament last spring.


2005 F Jay Brown (6'6" * Georgia Stars)


Nice combo forward that showed some explosion in the game I saw him against the Charlotte Royals. He plays on the perimeter a lot, however he was most effective going into and around the paint. He caught one ally oop pass where his head looked to be above the rim. Slammed for two points! Player he most reminds me of: Jay reminded me of 2004 UConn commit Rudy Gay, although at this point I would not call Brown a 5-star catch.


#21 Rasheem Barrett

2005 G Rasheem Barrett (6'5" * Georgia Stars)


Wow! This was a player to get excited about. Against the Charlotte Royals he played point guard and he handled the position well. He has the athleticism that creates a lot of trouble for opposing defenses, and he stayed in control of his game throughout. That was what I liked about him. He didn't try to do too much but did more than enough to help his team. Unfortunately he got undercut by KC Rivers and had to leave the game with what looked like a bruised hip. Player he most reminds me of: I want to say he looked like 2004 Duke commit DeMarcus Nelson, but that may be a stretch. Mainly because I think Rasheem is more disciplined in his game. But you can see the athleticism bubbling to come out.


2005 PF Kevin Swinton (6'9" * NC Gator)


The bad news here is that NC State will have to face Kevin Swinton every time they hit the floor against Wake Forest in the next few seasons. The Deacon commitment is the real deal and he was the most athletic PF I saw at the tournament. He is big time. Player he most reminds me of: I had to get with's Spencer Cagle to get help on comparisons and we came up with former Wake Forest player Rodney Rogers.


Note:  I wanted to scout Tennessee Traveler Jonathan Adams and NC Gator William Graves but both were no shows at Boo this year. Adams is a 2005 SF prospect that has ties to NC State (mother played at State) and Graves is considered to be the best player in NC from the Class of 06.

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