Wide range of choices for draft"> Wide range of choices for draft">

Pirates wear rally caps

To a baseball team with the talent and purpose of No. 9 East Carolina, deficits are more of a challenge than an obstacle. So it was at N.C. State on Wednesday night as the Pirates came from behind for the eighth time in their current 13-game winning streak to defeat the Wolfpack, 6-3. <p><small><b>Other featured stories for 4/22:</b></small><li><a href="http://technicianonline.com/story.php?id=009500" target=blank><b>Wide range of choices for draft</b></a>

Rivers Watch
"I think there needs to be a problem before it needs to be fixed, and I don't think there is right now. If there becomes one, I'm going to be open to do all I can do to get better and make it work. For the time being, at least from what I've heard, I think it's going to be kept the way it is." - Philip Rivers still having to discuss his throwing motion - 4/22/2004

QB-hungry San Diego may roll dice on Rivers
The Tennessean

Common thread for 4 QBs: talent
Baltimore Sun

QB quandary

Expect Much Scrambling of the Top 10 Draft Positions
New York Times

2004 NFL Mock Draft
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2004 Mock Draft
Multiple Mock Drafts
2004 NFL Mock Draft
NFL Mock Draft
Draft King
NFL Draft

Quote of the Day: "The Wolfpack appeared to have taken a 3-1 lead in the third. David Hicks sent a shot over the fence in right field. The first base umpire, Rhett Raynor, motioned that the ball was fair. However, seconds later, after ECU right fielder Darryl Lawhorn tried to sway his position by motioning that the ball was foul, the umpire changed direction. The ball was ruled foul. Wolfpack head coach Elliott Avent stormed out of the dugout to protest the call, even having to be restrained by an assistant coach." - Controversy at Doak as described by Washington Daily Times reporter Kevin Travis

Pirates wear rally caps
Al Myatt * News & Observer
ECU's response to State's three-run fifth inning that staked the Wolfpack to a 3-1 lead was swift and decisive. The Pirates answered with three runs in the sixth and got some more insurance for a strong relief effort by junior right-hander Carter Harrell, who held NCSU (27-13) scoreless over the last four innings and struck out five. Read More

Wide range of choices for draft
Ryan Reynolds * Technician
"I'll just get down on my knees and thank God, because He gave me the opportunity to play football for a living," Cotchery said. The real question is what day he will find out: Saturday or Sunday. The first three rounds of the NFL draft will take place on Saturday, and the draft will conclude with rounds four through seven on Sunday. As many as seven wide receivers are projected to go in the first round of the draft, but Cotchery will most likely be selected between the third and fifth round. Read More

Jones, Harrell Leads No. 9 ECU By N.C. State, 6-3

Ninth-ranked Pirates play in front of sold out crowd in Raleigh
Kevin Travis * Washington Daily News

Sixth inning capsizes Wolfpack
Thushan Amarasiriwardena * Technician

NC State Baseball Falls To East Carolina, 6-3

Rivers, Pack both will profit
Lorenzo Perez * News & Observer

A Wolfpacker's Perspective

NC State/ACC players await their draft fate
Freedom News Service

Roundball Challenge to be held Friday night (Melvin & Scooter to play)
The East Carolinian

They'll be back ... in 2005
Fox Sports

Pack Eyeing Rocky Mount Signal Caller

McCauley, Harris Lead JOTS to Charlie Weber Finals

ACC News...
Recruit leaning toward UNC
Robbie Pickeral * News & Observer

Don't be surprised if Deng goes pro
Frank Dascenzo * The Herald-Sun

Other News...
Quarterbacks Not Sure Things in NFL Draft
The Associated Press

Panthers Look to Rebuild in NFL Draft
The Associated Press

NFL Teams Brace for Clarett Draft Ruling
The Associated Press

Brindise installs new offense at ECU
Sammy Batten * Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer

Archie Manning tells Chargers son Eli wants to play for Giants
Gary Mayers * New York Daily News

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