NC State Hoping To Build On In-State Success

The NC State football program has quickly grown under the leadership of head coach Chuck Amato whether it be through on-the-field leadership or recruiting. StateFans rolls out the numbers that show how NC State has turned the tide on the in-state recruiting battles.

In just four seasons at NC State, head coach Chuck Amato has amassed 34 victories, four bowl appearances and three bowl victories. Not to mention going 2-2 against Florida State and becoming the first ACC school to win in Tallahassee. How the Pack has garnered such success has everything to do with coaching- whether it be on the field or in a recruit's ear.

The first task Amato and his staff set out to accomplish when arriving at NC State was to upgrade the talent of the Wolfpack football team. His motto of "North Carolina first" has often taken a backseat to his high profile signings out of the state of Florida. With OL Brandon Jeffries making his decision to run with the Pack in 2004, State only enhanced its status as the state's power football program. StateFans breaks down the Pack's success in-state, starting with the class of 2001- Amato's first full recruiting season in Raleigh.

All rankings are taken from SuperPrep's end of year issue.


1. Robert Boulware- Tennessee

2. Jocques Dumas- UNC

3. Jacques Lewis- UNC

4. Randy Jones- Virginia

5. Kennie Covington- NC State

6. Dovonte Edwards- NC State

7. Paul Troth- Liberty

8. EZ Smith- Penn State

9. Antavis Barrino- UNC

10. Lance Butler- Florida


1. Aaron Kirkland- Western Carolina

2. TA McLendon- NC State

3. Calvin Lowry- Penn State

4. Brandon Jeffries- NC State

5. Curt Dukes- Duke

6. AJ Nicholson- Florida State

7. Derek Morris- NC State

8. AJ Davis- NC State

9. Leroy Harris- NC State

10. Victor Worsley- UNC


1. Mario Williams- NC State

2. Chris Leak- Florida

3. Mike Mason- UNC

4. Terry Hunter- UNC

5. CJ Gaddis- Clemson

6. DeMarcus Tyler- NC State

7. Isaiah Thomas- UNC

8. Chad Green- NC State

9. Marcus Hands- UNC

10. Ernest Jones- NC State


1. DeMario Pressley- NC State

2. Jamaal Edwards- Florida State

3. Trimaine Goddard- UNC

4. Marque Hall- USC

5. Andre Brown- NC State

6. Jamar Adams- Michigan

7. Jamar Bryant- Georgia

8. Rod Council- Virginia Tech

9. Dennis Marsh- Maryland

10. George Bell- Virginia Tech

Final scorecard over the last four years

1. NC State- 13 or 33% of the top 10

2. UNC- 9 or 23% of the top 10

3. Penn State- 2

4. Florida- 2

5. Florida State- 2

6. Virginia Tech- 2

7. Tennessee- 1

8. Liberty- 1

9. Western Carolina- 1

10. Duke- 1

11. Clemson- 1

12. South Carolina- 1

13. Michigan- 1

14. Georgia- 1

15. Virginia- 1

16. Maryland- 1

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