Pre-Draft Quotes: Philip Rivers

NC State's record-breaking quarterback talks about Saturday's NFL Draft.

How many teams did you work out for?

"At the combine I didn't do any of the physical tests or anything. I just went and met with probably 13 teams or so and then did in-depth interview stuff and went through the physicals. On the 22nd of March we had the workout here (at NC State). They said there were representatives of all 32 teams. The evening prior to that I met with the Chargers and kind of had some film sessions with them on the day of the workout. As far as the other head coaches that were here for the workout, there was Mike Sherman of the Packers and Cowher from the Steelers. On the fifth of April, I had a workout for the Giants here. Also there was a workout here with the Browns. Other than that, I haven't been anywhere to visit with a team."

Do you believe the rumors that suggest the Chargers will trade down and draft you?

"I've been hearing that like you all have on the ESPN specials and all that. Even from day one, I heard that after the Senior Bowl. That's something that's certainly been tossed around, but I haven't gotten anymore of an impression to make me think it's going to happen. If I have to name the teams that have shown the most interest, it would be the Chargers, Giants, Browns, Steelers and Packers. It could very well be somebody else, but those are the ones you feel like you've received the most interest and attention from."

Are you surprised with just how quickly your stock has apparently gone up since your senior season?

"While I didn't go into my senior season worrying about the draft, in the back of my mind I had a goal of wanting to go on the first day. When the season ended, now you're thinking 'let's strive for the first round.' After the Senior Bowl, that was looking likely. There have been certain steps. As hard as it is being as competitive as I am, I'm going into it like there's nothing that can be wrong. There's no bad. I shouldn't be disappointed at anything that happens."

Did you get a lot of feedback about you're throwing motion and arm strength?

"Some of the main questions at the combine were 'how strong is your arm' and 'how did you start to throw?' Gradually, the talk throughout the senior year about my throwing motion slowly decreased. People were starting to say don't worry about it. It wasn't really a big topic of discussion at the combine. As far as the arm strength, I had one scout tell me that your arm is always going to look stronger in person and it did. They said it's deceiving on tape. I remember the Packers asking 'how strong is your arm?' and my reply was 'strong enough.'"

Have the trading card companies gotten in touch with you?

"Yes. Some of them are already finished and I've seen them because you sign them. They say most of the rookies' cards are done in your college uniform because they want to get them done and get them going right around the draft."

How much did you get for the card deals?

"I've still got it but it's about to go into the negative I'm afraid."

Have you always felt a connection with the Chargers?

"Definitely. That's one of the things that I told them in the meeting that I had a lot of respect for [coach Marty Schottenheimer] and coach Cameron (offensive coordinator) both. I actually had been around them for the entire week at the Senior Bowl and I really grew to like them. Coach Schottenheimer really approached it like it was his team and he really tried to simulate it like you're in the NFL. The practices were similar and he tried to help us and give us some coaching hints on how to prepare. You just got a good sense for how he did things and coach Cameron the same way. I certainly enjoyed that time with them. From day one, I felt like we were kind of clicking."

How eager will you be to get a contract signed and join your new team once you're drafted?

"I'm going to go in there as soon as you can get there, whichever team it is and get to work, get started and get to know the guys. I think that's important from what I hear. You've got a rookie quarterback coming in there and first of all, you want to get to know the older quarterbacks who you're going to battle and compete for their job. Then you've got to have that relationship with all of those players you're going to be with. They don't know you and you're coming in there to try to help them win. That's the key thing you've got to get across to them is that you're coming in there to help them win. You're not coming in there to be a hot shot or a big dog. It's going to be different, but I'm going in there with an open mind to compete and battle and see what happens. If it means sitting awhile to learn and get better, then great. If it means I have to get in there and play right away, that will be fine too."

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