Young: "I Just Have to Be Patient"

Heading into the 2004 NFL Draft, most scouts believed four N.C. State players would be selected, but with the draft now in the past one of those players is still patiently waiting.

N.C. State's Danny Young didn't expect to go on the first day of the NFL Draft, but felt on Sunday he would receive "that call" from an NFL team.

"We had received some positive feedback from the scouts and player personnel saying that I was the top snapper in the draft. Naturally I was optomistic about being drafted or at least picked up as a free agent," Young told StateFans.

"Then on Sunday I received two calls from both the Panthers and Patriots in the 6th round saying they were interested. Both mentioned possibly taking me in the next couple of rounds or after the draft, but since then they have backed out and not contacted me at all."

Surely in the days after the draft several NFL teams have been calling to arrange a free agent contract with the four-year NC State starter, but surprisingly that has not been the case.

"We have heard nothing since the draft and that's been the most frustrating part," Danny said. "No one has got in touch with me to let me know what's going on, and it's frustrating because before the draft I had calls from nearly every team in the league expressing interest."

"Me and my agents believe something that has really hurt is several teams have re-signed their free agent long snappers. That happened with about eight or nine teams before the draft, and it could have impacted me."

Standing 6'5 and 245 pounds, Danny had a brilliant yet underrated career at N.C. State, excelling at a position which often goes overlooked. He served as a co-captain his senior season, leading a special teams squad that was one of the nation's best. Someone will have to step up and replace Young's role, and he believes the Wolfpack has a player on the roster capable of doing just that.

"They have a player, William Lee, who is a little on the light side, but he has the potential to be just as good as me," he said. "The only thing that worries me is the inexperience factor. The biggest part of transitioning from high school to college is the amount of people that are watching you. He just needs to get over that inexperience and put on some more weight. Once he does that he'll be fine."

Hailing from San Diego, California, Danny was happy to see his now former teammate, Philip Rivers, traded to his hometown.

"Phil got the deal of the century," he said. "I came to Raleigh from San Diego and now Phil's going out to San Diego. He got a great deal, and he's going to love it out there. Hopefully he has a long career with the Chargers."

As for Young, all he can do now is be patient and honor the process. He strongly believes that at some point a team will offer a free agent contract, and he'll have the chance to play in the National Football League.

"I think what happened is a lot of teams drafted a normal position player that can also snap to see if he can handle both. Hopefully he can't and they will give me a call."

"I just have to be patient and keep believing things will work out."

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