Miller Prepares to Enroll This Summer

StateFans begins their pre-summer series of interviews to get the latest on the Class of 2004 football signees. West Craven's Gerard Miller was one of the first players to commit to the Pack last fall, and we found that the defensive end prospect is still excited about the Wolfpack as he gets ready to make his move to Raleigh.

What's left for you to do in high school?


"Right now I am in school. I have a good two weeks left. After that I have my regional track meet throwing the discus. I'm doing pretty good. I need a little more practice and training. Last year I was throwing like 87 feet. This year I am up to 140, and that's in the top 6 in the state right now. There are a couple of dudes throwing like 150s and 160s. It's just crazy and out of this world. Hopefully I can get a hold of one, and it will surprise a lot of people. The award banquet in football and graduation is coming up. I just had my prom last night. It went real good. I enjoyed myself and we went out to eat. I spent $70 dollars on eating, and I am like ‘Lord Jesus!' It was very expensive. I thought I had lost a down payment on a car just from doing that."


How are you preparing for NC State football?


"I am just trying to get ready for school. I am trying to work out hard and run to get as ready as I can. But I talked to Freddie (Aughtry-Lindsay) and he was like ‘it is still going to hurt!' No matter what I do now it is still going to hurt because this will be a whole new type of running I have never done."


When are you scheduled to arrive in Raleigh?


"I am planning on being there on July 5th. I don't know exactly who I will be rooming with but more than likely it will be with DeMario (Pressley) and probably another freshman. But I don't really care who I room with. I am just ready to get up there man."



What is the one thing you look forward to the most at NC State?


"I can't wait to come out the tunnel. It was live this year when they had 53,000. They are adding a whole new section to seat even more. It will be crazy. I have to adapt to that because the highest I have played in front of was like 2,600 at the Shrine Bowl. So when I get around that it will make me want to work just that much harder in practice."


What do you want to major in?


"I am still looking at the field of architecture but the more I get to know I am not sure. I called a couple of architects and they told me that it was not an occupation that I could come in and make millions. They said I just had to have a love for it. That sounds good, but at the same time I want to try and make me some money. It still is a good major, but I am also looking at communications or computer design."


What do you think of the new Wolfpack defensive coordinator?


"When I was at the spring game I talked to the new coordinator, Coach Herring. He was telling me and DeMario that he wanted us to come out there to work hard, and he would try to get us on the field. I wouldn't care if I didn't start but if I come out there and start that would be great but I know that is probably not possible. So I just want to touch the field. I just want to get out there and have a chance to show people what I can do. He is very exciting. He really knows his stuff. When I went up there I stayed with Freddie. Freddie told me that all he wanted you to do is work hard and he would have no problem with you. That's good. You got to have somebody with that passion. With him coming from the NFL, that just adds that much more to his game. He has seen some of the best."


Which team do you most look forward to playing when you suit up for the Red and White this fall?


"For me coming in now... any team. Richmond will seem like a championship game. Just anybody and to be going against players I have never seen is exciting. Even football practice will seem like I am going against a whole new team. But I really look forward to playing all those Florida boys and then you have teams like Ohio State, Virginia, and Virginia Tech. You got Duke and you know I got to get ready for Carolina because my cousin Tremaine (Goddard) is already talking junk. So I need to get in and take care of him."


What did you think of the NFL draft?


"That was crazy man. These days it seems like it doesn't matter that much what round you go in. Jerricho (Cotchery) went #108 and everybody knows who he is. And Philip came through and I knew he would. Manning (Eli) said he didn't want to go there (San Diego) so Philip took his money, and I don't think he will complain too much with that. He gets all that money."


What do you want to say to the Wolfpack Nation?


"Tell the Wolfpack fans… thank you! They love their team so much no matter what's going on. I saw that after they lost to Maryland. I have seen fans at other places just walk out of the stands but the NC State fans just stayed and clapped for the boys. After that loss I thought, ‘that's love right there.' It doesn't get any better than that. That is what I am trying to tell some of these kids around here, ‘you don't have to leave the state to get that championship.' Let's keep it right here in state and win a championship."

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