Toney Baker Talks N.C. State

This past Saturday, Jamestown (NC) Ragsadale hosted the second Shrine Bowl Combine this spring, and prospects from across the area were in attendance.

Undoubtedly, the most impressive player there was Ragsdale's own Toney Baker, who talked with Steve Williams and James Henderson about his performance, N.C. State, and other issues.


StateFans: How do you feel about your performance today?

Toney Baker: "I was hoping I'd run around what I did in the 40 so I was happy with that. My weight, 217, was about right, but I thought I could have done better in the vertical. I jumped 32 inches, but I can do better then that."

SF: Have you thought about any camps this summer?

Baker: "Not really... I haven't thought about any camps yet."

SF: Toney, it seems like every year North Carolina has one guy that everybody wants, and it seems like this year you are going to be that guy. Has any of that caught you by surprise, and how do you feel like you will be able to deal with that as the season goes on?

Baker: "Well, my dad's familiar with that so he can help me with it, but really I'm just trying to win a state championship. I'm just going to keep working to be the best."

SF: As a football player, what are your goals? Is it to get to college and win the national championship or are you looking a bit further down to the line to the NFL?

Baker: "I'm just taking it one step at a time right now. Of course I want to get to the NFL, and I'll try to pick a school that will give me the best opportunity to get there, but really I just want to get better. Everyday I just want to improve and get better."

SF: We know you've taken several trips to N.C. State and have had a chance to meet with the coaches. What do you like about those guys, and what stands out to you about N.C. State?

Baker: "I really like N.C. State a lot. I like the coaching staff, I like the players they have, and I like their determination to win. Coach Amato is always preaching how they will be the first North Carolina team to win the national title and that's encouraging. I like that a lot."

SF: You actually came to a couple of N.C. State games last year on your own, right? Didn't you and your dad just show up without even notifying the coaching staff?

Baker: "Yea... yea. It's just a great atmosphere, the fans are great there, and I just love it."

SF: We have heard that you've made trips up to N.C. State to just hang out on the weekends. Not necessarily to visit the football program but to hang out with some friends. Is that true?

Baker: "Yea, it was great. Actually I have some good friends who go up there so I've been to State to just hang out with them. Outside of football and just with the people around there, I really like it."

SF: Looking at N.C. State, what factor specifically stands out the most to you? I know some players say it's an up-and-coming team, or the facilities are real nice, but what stands out the most to you?

Baker: "Alright... this might sound crazy, but you know how there's a school really focused on basketball or a school really focused on football? Well, I think State's mainly been about football. Their fans just love their football. They are on the rise of course, but that's what I like the most about them."

SF: So what attracts you the most to N.C. State is their fans?

Baker: "It's everything, but yea they just love football up there in Raleigh."

SF: Would you like to make a decision before your senior season or take your time and choose your college after high school?

Baker: "Really I would just like to finish my high school season and help my team win the best way that I can. After I'm done with my high school career as far as football, then I'd like to take it to the next level and make my college decision."

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