Film Session: "Touchdown" Toney Baker

With the perfect blend of speed and power, Jamestown (N.C.) Ragsdale running back <b>Toney Baker</b> has teams across the nation visiting and offering during the evaluation period. Now check him out in this exclusive highlight video from both his junior and sophomore seasons.

Name: Toney Baker
School: Jamestown (NC) Ragsdale High School
Position: Running Back
Vitals: 5'10/217/4.45

Coach's Comments: "Any school that plays big college football better be after him. If he's not the best rising running back in North Carolina, I don't want to know who is and I don't want to play against him. I mean, all Toney did was run for over 2,000 yards last year." -- Ragsdale Head Coach Tommy Norwood

Toney's Thoughts: "I have great speed, vision and strength, I see the whole field good and I can juke and jive as well as run right over you. I have great instincts. I want to be a better pass blocker and be an all-around back and help my team in every way." -- Toney Baker

#22 Toney Baker Video 1

#22 Toney Baker Video 2

#22 Toney Baker Video 3

#22 Toney Baker Video 4

#22 Toney Baker Sophomore Video 1

#22 Toney Baker Sophomore Video 2

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