The Latest On Ben McCauley

Yough High power forward Ben McCauley gets the feeling that three schools (maybe a few more) are really chasing him hard. Here's the latest.

Pittsburgh, is one of the more cerebral bigs in the Class of 2005.

McCauley has changed his body since last summer and he's a bonafide power forward who has retained the brains and some skills of a small forward. He's a thinking and doing man's player.

"I feel like I'm going to work as hard as I can on my physical features and strength but at the same time I'm still learning about the game and what the right, smart play," McCauley said.

More often than not, McCauley makes the smart play. He's an excellent passer to start the break, can handle it enough to be serviceable and has range on his jumper. He's a legit Top 50 prospect at this point.

His recruitment is along the lines of his ranking. North Carolina State and Xavier have made significant headway.

"They're not so much my top choices; they're just the ones that I think have thought about [the most]. Actually, Virginia has [recruited him hard] too. They're all still pretty even in my mind. It's just that they're doing a little more right now."

"Coach Howland has told me that they don't have a four man in the program and that if I did come I'd get a lot of playing time my freshman year. I like to hear that.

"Xavier and Sean Miller talks to my dad a lot. NC State came up and thinks I'll fit real well into the system."

McCauley isn't much different than his peers in terms of what he's looking for. "I think the main thing is the coach. I have to have a good relationship with him. It's not so much the conference but I have to believe that I can go four years and see him everyday that matters."

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