Andre Brown: "I am Going to Put on a Show"

StateFans continues to check in with the class of 2004 as we interview future NC State running back Andre Brown.

What do you have left to do in High School right now?


Pretty much just graduate on May 29th.


Athletically what are you doing right now?


I am playing baseball. We have only lost four games. I think we are 10-4. Our bats started clicking this time last year, and we won the State Championship. This year, they have started clicking again so we should have a good run at it. I am batting .667, so I guess I am doing alright personally. I bat third or fourth and play left field.


What kind of progress have you made on getting into NC State?


I got a higher score than I did last time so I keep improving. It will all depend on how I do on this next score. I will also take it again in June. I am still short but the thing is I keep getting better every time. I am just trying my hardest to get it so I can just go there and report on August 7th.


What are you doing to prepare for NC State football?


They sent me a booklet. I have been doing the workouts in there, running three times a week and lifting everyday. I am just getting ready for the big transition from high school to college.


Have you talked to coach Portee lately?


He and coach Diaz call to check on me. I say about every week I talk with each of them.


Did you get up to the Spring game?


No. I had an Easter tournament that weekend.


Do you know any of the other NC State signees?


Gerard [Miller] is the only one I really know personally. I know him from the Shrine Bowl and being from my area.


What did you think of the NFL draft?


There were a lot of Miami players taken. I was surprised that it took so long before a running back was picked. I thought it was a very good running back class. It just shows how on top of your game you have to be when you go from college to the NFL.


What did you think of Philip Rivers being picked then traded?


I was surprised he went up so high. Everybody was talking like he would go fourteenth or a late teen type of player. Then for him to end up as the number one draft pick is crazy. I was just talking to that guy two months ago and for him to be the top first round draft pick is just crazy. It brings it very close to home.


What did you think of Philip when you met him?


To be honest with you, when I met him, I could not tell he was Philip Rivers, the football player. With most guys, when I went to their college they would have a cockiness to them, like ‘I am the starting quarterback' or ‘I am the starting running back.' But with Philip he was so down-to-earth and so cool... I was shocked by it.


What do you want to say to the Wolfpack nation?


When I get there, everybody just needs to be on their toes because I am going to put on a show.

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