Updated Football Scholarship Offer Listing

Statefans breaks down the Pack's early football scholarship offers and where each player is leaning currently.

The May evaluation period is in full swing and as expected, NC State has rolled out several new offers according to published reports. StateFans breaks down the complete list of prospects currently reporting an offer.

Note- All information in this report has been collected from player interviews and is in no way connected with any actual recruiting list of the NC State coaching staff.


1.QB Harrison Beck- High school coach is Pack QB Jay Davis' dad. Has made unofficial trip to NC State but Pack appears to be on the outside looking in. However, the connections are in place for the Pack to move up. Update- Favors Florida State, Nebraska, NC State, Virginia and Iowa. Several other teams in the mix as well.

2.QB Ryan Perrilloux- State not a major player. Appears to be a major LSU lean.

Running Backs

3.RB Toney Baker- Baker has maintained a top five of NC State, UNC, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Tennessee. Proximity to home will probably be a factor but this is a battle that we really feel State could win.

4.RB Antone Smith- May be tough to get him away from Miami but should the Canes land another RB before Smith commits, the door then swings open quite a bit. Pack appears to be a strong No. 2 choice currently.

5.FB/LB Conredge Collins- Another player that is extremely high on NC State and one the Pack could definitely land. He was scheduled to make an unofficial visit to State this week. The caveat in these battles, as always, are the Big Three in Florida.

6.RB Richie Rich- Favors Maryland, Oklahoma, Duke, NC State and Wake Forest

7.RB Mike Davis- Currently open but has more than a dozen offers from the likes of Auburn, Alabama, USC, UNC, Wake Forest, NC State and others.

8.RB Morgan Green- Favors Maryland over Penn State, Virginia, Penn State and NC State.

Offensive Linemen

9.OL Julian Williams- Pack first and only offer and most feel he's NC State bound. However, he could ride the process out which always could potentially open the door to another team.

10.OL Michael Oher- Mammoth OL prospect that has already visited State. The Pack is currently in his top two and all indications are State has a major chance at landing this big fella.

11.OL Curtis Crouch- Another kid that the Pack was first to offer but they certainly won't be the last. Most reports have NC State leading but this is one we'll have to keep an eye on. Particularly Tennessee.

12.OL Antonio North- Recently visited State and the Pack is very near the top of his favorites list but admittedly, State hasn't had a huge amount of success landing Virginia's top talent. North would go a long ways towards changing that. Update- Favors Virginia Tech and NC State big. Will visit both in the very near future and a decision could come shortly thereafter.

13.OL Christopher Barney- Another Miami-area big-time prospect. NC State is in his early top five but this will be a year long battle. Update- Miami and NC State are tied for the lead.

14.OL Dan Larkin- Currently favors West Virginia and NC State. Also considering Boston College, Virginia and Pittsburgh.

15.OL Brian Roche- One of the nation's top OL. NC State not currently in Roche's top five.

Wide Receivers

16.WR Josh Briscoe- Probably the consensus No. 2 WR in NC. Has not been very open about recruiting favorites but we feel confident that State is in his top five. Tennessee could be a major threat.

17.WR Mohammed Massaquoi- Many feel the No. 1 WR in NC. Massaquoi has shied away from naming favorites so it will most likely be later in the year before we know where he stands.

18.WR Eric Huggins- Favors Oklahoma and Pack chances appear slim currently.

WR/DB CJ Byrd- Another talented SC prospect with a ton of offers. He has also shied away from naming favorites so it could be some time before he narrows down his list.

19.WR Nyan Boateng - Early mention as one of the nation's top WR's. Pack recently offered and not listed in top five currently.

20.WR Todd Dorcelus- Favors Michigan over Rutgers, Virginia, Maryland and Syracuse.

Tight Ends

21.TE/DE Jonathan Hannah- Told StateFans he favors Virginia Tech and NC State. We think State is in great shape here but will have to win him over based on the recruiting job they do with him. Although his dad played at State, we don't think that'll automatically make him a slam dunk for the Pack. Update- we think NC State, Virginia Tech and Florida State lead although Hannah lists about seven teams that he favors.


22.ATH Montario Hardesty- Teammate of OL Julian Williams and we think State's in great here. Pack coaches have a great relationship at New Bern High School and they could play to their favor. Florida State appears to be the main competition. Should he decide to stay in-state- lookout for the Pack.

23.ATH Justin King- Super prospect but State not receiving much mention. Appears Big-10 bound.

24.ATH Michael Ray Garvin- Pack only recently offered Garvin and are playing catchup to numerous other teams.

Defensive Tackles

25.DT Jeffrey Owens- State is in his top five and actively recruiting several of his teammates. However, Owens will probably be one of Florida's most highly recruited DT's and State has struggled in the past landing these types of prospects. Convincing him to camp at State could be a huge help. Update- Owens plans to camp at NC State.

Defensive Ends

26.DE Greg Peterson- Peterson is a DE prospect similar to NC State commit Chad Green and both play together at Hinds Junior College.

27.DE Kyle Newell- teammate of Pack commit John Bedics and one of Pennsylvania's best. Has listed State in his top five previously but it will be a war to land him. He favors Maryland, NC State, Penn State, Syracuse, West Virginia, Nebraska and Pittsburgh.

28.DE Hivera Green- Pack recently offered and Green has made unofficial visit to State but Oklahoma leads with the Pack being in and out of Green's early top five.


29.LB Derek Nicholson- Father played at UNC and brother is at Florida State. At this point we're not overly optimistic at this point.

30.LB Eugene Hayes- One of Florida's fastest rising prospects and has quite a bit of interest in NC State. Should Florida State offer, getting him out of Florida could be next to impossible. If they don't, State has a super chance.

31.LB Todd Cox- One of Tennessee's top LB with over a half dozen major offers. He says he's wide open currently.


32.S Kenneth Phillips- Another of Florida's elite prospects but the type that State typically has been able to land an official visit with. Most would consider the Pack's chances to be slim as things stand currently.

33.S Demetrice Morley- Another Killian standout which is always a plus for NC State. The Pack was first to offer and have a real shot here. Update- Favors Florida over Michigan, Miami, NC State and Oklahoma.

34.S Cameron Martin- Martin has already made an unofficial visit to NC State but he has not narrowed his choices down to a top five yet.


35.CB Chris Chancellor- Favors Florida State, Miami, NC State, Florida and LSU among others.


36.PK Justin Sparks- NC State and Ole Miss have offered and those two lead.

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