TOC: One-on-One With Booker Woodfox

<B>Raleigh, NC - </b>Scoring's a problem for some and others it just comes to naturally. Dallas Mustangs Guard Booker Woodfox has a knack for finding ways to put points on the board, most notably with his awkward yet deadly jumper from deep.

Booker talked with StateFans following a surprisingly easy victory over the always strong New York Ravens. The 6'1 guard from Lewisville, Texas led the way with 28 points, as the Mustangs remained undefeated.

Lewisville (TX) Guard Booker Woodfox

StateFans: What do you think of today's game against the Ravens?

Booker Woodfox: "That was a good team that we played against and everyone contributed. Overall I think it was a good win."

SF: The statkeepers had you down for 28 points. What was working for you today on offense?

Woodfox: "I didn't even realize I had that much, but I guess I had some open looks that went down for me."

SF: What do you like the most about playing with the Mustangs?

Woodfox: "Well, Byron [Eaton] passes the ball a lot and he can score too. We also can get out and run, and that's what I like to do."

SF: What schools are you really looking at right now?

Woodfox: "The schools I'm looking at the most are North Carolina State and Alabama. They have been calling me a lot and are showing the most interest so that's who I like."

SF: What do you like about Alabama?

Woodfox: "I like the way they play. They run up and down the court and that's what I'm used to."

SF: What about NC State?

Woodfox: "I like the way Julius Hodge plays… that's what I like about them. Man, he's good."

SF: How did you do last season?

Woodfox: "I did good. I had about 25 points, 6 assists, and around 10 rebounds a game."

SF: Do you have any visits set up yet?

Woodfox: "I'm suppose to visit Corpus Christi in a few weeks, and North Carolina State's been talking about a visit soon too."

SF: Do you have a timeframe yet?

Woodfox: "No, not yet."

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