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    TOC: One-on-One With Courtney Fells

    <B>Raleigh, NC - </b>Can Shannon (Ms.) Shooting Guard Courtney Fells be considered a "soft" verbal to NC State? Read this exclusive one-on-one with StateFans and you just might get that feeling. <P> <li><a href="http://northcarolinastate.theinsiders.com/2/263291.html" target=blank><b>Photo Gallery</b></a>

    Shannon (Ms.) Guard Courtney Fells

    StateFans: How do you feel you have played in the tournament?"

    Courtney Fells: "I played fairly good."

    SF: Is it tough playing with a new AAU team?

    Fells: "Yes sir. Basically, I'm not the best player on this team so I'm just trying to fit in."

    SF: Earlier you had said you wouldn't play in the Tournament of Champions. What was the reason you decided to play with the Stars?

    Shooting Guard Courtney Fells knocks down the deep three. Fells could be an outstanding scorer on the next level.

    Fells: "To come back to Raleigh. I knew they were going to come to NC State, so I wanted to come back to see how home felt."

    SF: How do you like it here playing in front of some Wolfpack fans?

    Fells: "I love it... I love it."

    SF: When do you think you'll be ready to announce your decision?

    Fells: "Right now NC State is my decision. If something else happens I could go with that but it's going to be tough for someone else to past NC State."

    SF: When we last talked you mentioned calling the Wolfpack coaches a lot. When was the last time you talked with them?

    Fells: "Actually I talked with them when I first got here. We hadn't even played yet, and I called them from the hotel."

    SF: Your mom came with you to Raleigh for your official visit. How do you think she would feel if you chose NC State?

    Fells: "She likes it too. She told me she would move to Raleigh if I came here."

    SF: Do you have a timeframe on when you want to decide?

    Fells: "Early November... I can do the early signing period then."

    SF: So would you make an official announcement before the signing period?

    Fells: "No sir... unless otherwise."

    SF: Are there any other schools you are really looking at... outside of NC State?

    Fells: [Laughing]"I like to say NC State, NC State, and NC State is my top three. I'm looking at Maryland and Georgia Tech some too though."

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