NC State Receives Bid to NCAA Baseball Tourney

Raleigh, N.C. - Things rarely came easy for the NC State baseball team this season, so it shouldn't be a total surprise that players and coaches were a little anxious as they gathered to watch selections for this year's NCAA Tournament regionals on Monday. NC State Receives Bid to Baseball NCAA Tournament

"You never know because you have so many teams and you can only take 64," said NC State head coach Elliott Avent, who will be sending his team back to the tournament for the second straight year and for the fifth time in his seven year tenure. "I haven't even looked to see which teams were left out, but I'm sure there are some teams sitting there right now wondering what else do they have to do. But we were confident going in with the way we played down the stretch and being in a great conference like the ACC. How you play down the stretch is very important to the committee."

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