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<B>Raleigh, NC</b> - Several notable Wolfpack targets were in the triangle this past weekend for the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions and here's a look at how several of them fared.

StateFans Player Evaluations

2005 Targets

Courtney Fells, 6'6 SG, Magnolia Stars - Courtney's a long, lean athletic guard who is closer to 6'7 than he is 6'5. He has to be considered one of the best pure shooters in the rising senior class and has a picture-perfect release and ideal rotation on the basketball. He is a clever passer who can feed the post well from the wings and he hits the glass hard on both ends. Courtney attacks the glass on offense and has a nice feel posting up smaller guards, using quick spin moves and a deadly turnaround jumper. We'd like to see him handle more, but with Monta Ellis on the court touches were certainly limited. Fells could stand to get stronger, but what rising senior can't? Overall he's a definite top 50 prospect and can only enhance his reputation with more exposure as the major summer camps approach.

Ben McCauley, 6'9 PF/C, Pittsburgh JOTS - McCauley can best be described as a "system" player who would certainly fit what NC State asks out of their post players. He's not overly athletic, quick, or strong but he simply gets the job done. He has nice range on his jumper and good ball-handling skills. Can rebound on both ends and looks quickly for outlet passes or to start the fast break. He's growing into the power forward position and as he becomes more comfortable in the post his offensive skills will only improve… and they are solid now. Ben has offers from a host of high-major programs and it's easy to see why. He should develop into a good college player and an even better one if he chooses to play in the right system.

Houston Elite's Gerald Green is an outstanding offensive talent.

Gerald Green, 6'7 SF, Houston Elite - Off the dribble, in the post, spotting up, or in transition, Gerald's going to get his points. He's an elite offensive talent and even he knows this. He can improve his ball-handling skills and that's one area we would like to see him improve, but they are solid nonetheless. What he needs to do now is work on his consistency on both ends of the court. He has the athleticism and length to be a lock down defender… when he wants to be. He can take over games… when he wants to. Green's upside is enormous and if he gives the consistent effort each time out he'll be considered one of ‘05's elite prospects.

Chad Millard, 6'8 SF/SG, Blessed IJN - Long. Chad's every bit of 6'8 with long arms that he uses to his advantage on defense. He closes quickly to contest perimeter jumpers and is a very good rebounder considering his frail frame. He has a nice set of skills for a player of his size and can defend up to four positions on the court. Millard's shot has rotation and good form, but he is more effective as a standstill shooter than off the bounce. He has nice athleticism and loves to play in transition where his court awareness and passing skills can really be recognized. Playing with the loaded Blessed IJN Chad probably didn't receive the amount of touches he would have liked, but his talent is evident.

Danny Green, 6'4 SG/SF, New York Panthers - Physically Danny is similar to NC State's Cameron Bennerman, with broad shoulders and a low waist. He's deceptively athletic, appearing almost flat-footed or lacking foot speed at times only to rise for a dunk or block a lay-up on the next possession. He has good offensive skills, as he can post up smaller guards, run off picks for open jumpers, and finish at the rim in transition. His long arms allow him to defend the passing lanes and excel on the boards where he competes with bigger players for rebounds. What does he do great? It's hard to say. What does he do well? Probably everything on the court. He's that type of prospect and is another who would really fit NC State's system.

J.R. Inman, 6'8 SF/PF, Playaz Basketball Club - Physically, think Josh Powell. Seriously, think Josh Powell. Inman appears to be a clone of the former NC State standout, but looks is where the comparisons end. He likes to roam the perimeter for the Playaz, looking to take the open jump shot or breakdown his man off the dribble. He's a good finisher in transition and likes to get out and run. J.R. stayed away from the post and obviously prefers playing outside at this time. At this point look for NC State to continue monitoring Inman's progress throughout the summer.

Power Forward Brandon Costner made the All-Tournament Team.

Brandon Costner, 6'8 PF, Playaz Basketball Club - We only saw Brandon once this weekend and even he would admit it wasn't his best showing, as he finished with just two points (on two free throws). He did fare well on the defensive end, using his solid athleticism to rebound and defend effectively. The 6'8 lefty appeared comfortable handling the basketball, a trait he must have to play at NC State, and showed very good court awareness. We'd like for him to be more aggressive on both ends because he has the skill set to take over games on the AAU circuit. Brandon was eventually named to the All-Tournament team, so he must have played better in later tournament games.

Booker Woodfox, 6'1 G, Dallas Mustangs - Scorer. Booker's considered one of the best scorer's in the state of Texas, and it's easy to see why. Although he's closer to 6'0 than 6'1, there's no denying his ability to put the ball in the hoop. He was deadly from three-point range the first night, knocking in seven on his way to scoring a game high 27 points… which he followed up with a 28 point outing the next morning. His release is awkward and his rotation isn't the best in the world, but as one scout noted, "it goes through the net." Woodfox was clearly more comfortable as a stand-still shooter but as the weekend moved on so did his willingness to attack the basket off the dribble. He only improved his stock this weekend and the combo guard is certainly a high-major prospect.

Jermaine Taylor, 6'5 SG, Team Breakdown - Taylor's a very good athlete who started at shooting guard opposite '07 point guard prospect Eddie Rios. A track and football standout, he locks down opposing players on the defensive end and is tough to handle off the dribble. He has a muscular build with long arms. What we hoped to see more of was him taking the outside jumper, but with his ability to create he really didn't need to do so. His athleticism and ability to defend will continue to get him high-major looks, and once he starts to showcase the jumper his recruitment could really heat up.

Reginald Delk & Richard Delk, 6'5 Gs, Mid-State Ballerz - "The identical twins can hoop. However, their games are different. We give the edge to Reginald overall because he beats you off the bounce but still has the passing and shooting touch his brother has. Both have excellent IQ's and the chemistry is definitely there." – Dave Telep

Prospects we Were Unable to Watch: 6'3 G Eric Devendorf, 6'5 G Trevor Ferguson (Didn't make the trip with Team Breakdown), 6'1 G Jarvis Hicks, 6'4 G Jimmy Conyers, and 6'9 PF Ryan Reid (Didn't make the trip with the Tallahassee Wildcats)

2006 Targets

Jamie Skeen, 6'8 F, Charlotte Celtics - Skeen's an intriguing prospect who could be compared to NC State's Marcus Melvin. He's a long, athletic player who has good offensive skills. He works the baseline well for rebounds and offensive stick backs. Jamie showed a knack for finishing buckets after creating contact draw the foul. At times he can roam the perimeter a little too much for our liking, but NC State, Wake Forest, and North Carolina are all on him very hard early in the process.

Jawan Carter, 6'0 PG, Playaz Basketball Club - Jawan's a very good floor general who is the leader of the Playaz 17-Under squad. He has good quickness and makes solid decisions in transition. He showed good form on him jumper and was reliable from the free throw line. He's a winner… it's that simple. Look for Carter to be one of the more highly regarded point guards in the Class of 2006.

Wayne Ellington, 6'4 SG, Playaz Basketball Club - An elite shooting guard prospect, Ellington has good form on his jumper and always appears comfortable on the floor. He glides across the court and is savvy for his age. Can defend well and has good size for the position. He is not asked to do too much now for the Playaz given the considerable talent around him, but if called upon he could do even more. Ellington will be one to watch this summer and should be an outstanding college player.

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