UNC Wolfpack? adidas contract mixes up rivals"> UNC Wolfpack? adidas contract mixes up rivals">

Rivers follows the son

Wakefield High School football coach Steve Rivers resigned earlier this week, opting to follow his son Philip to sunny California where the former N.C. State star is preparing for his first season as an NFL quarterback with the San Diego Chargers. <p><small><b>Other featured stories for 6/17:</b></small> <li><a href="http://www.news-record.com/sports/local/adidas_brite_061704.htm" target=blank><b>UNC Wolfpack? adidas contract mixes up rivals</b></a>

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Rivers follows the son
Edward G Robinson III * News & Observer
Steve Rivers' decision to leave Wakefield comes after months of him saying there was a 50-50 chance he would resign, depending on where his son was taken in the draft and by what team. Philip Rivers was taken fourth in the NFL draft by the New York Giants, who traded him to the Chargers. Read More

UNC Wolfpack? adidas contract mixes up rivals
Rob Daniels * News & Record
The folks at adidas don't know who they're dealing with -- almost literally. On three occasions in a new shoe and apparel endorsement contract with the N.C. State football program, the company refers to the school by other names, all dreaded and despised by Wolfpack fans: "University of North Carolina," or "UNC" or -- this is a new one -- "North Carolina University." Read More

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