Sexton Talks About Faves and Adds An Offer

StateFans has the latest on QB Cameron Sexton's top schools and feedback from his trip to NC State this week.

QB Cameron Sexton (6-2, 180 pounds, 4.4-seconds in the 40-yard dash) of Scotland County High School in Laurinburg, NC has become one of NC's most sought after players and that's backed up by an impressive collection of scholarship offers. To date, Sexton has collected offers from Virginia Tech, Duke, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Clemson and Texas El-Paso. West Virginia became the latest to offer when they ponied up a scholarship today. Although NC State has yet to offer, the Pack has shown considerable interest and as a result, Pack fans have taken a keen interest in the talented signal-caller's recruiting. StateFans caught up with Sexton after his trip to NC State's football camp on Tuesday and has the latest on where he stands currently.

StateFans- We heard you made it to State's camp on Tuesday. What kind of things did they have you doing?

Cameron Sexton- When I got there we were stretching and warming up and doing basic fundamental stuff. Then we had about 20 minutes of throwing the various routes to the receivers. Then we went into the one on ones against the DB's for the rest of the morning.

StateFans- How did you feel about the way you threw the ball?

Cameron Sexton- I thought I threw pretty well. You can always do better but I thought I threw almost the best I could.

StateFans- You've attended several camps now. Has it started to wear on you yet?

Cameron Sexton- It does. I'm ready to kind of wrap them up. I've got one more and that's going to be it. It's nice to go, it's fun to go but there comes a point where the traveling becomes tiring.

StateFans- What are you hearing from State as far as receiving an offer from the Wolfpack?

Cameron Sexton- They've told me that they've got a place for me but they want to take their time on an early commitment to a kid. They're just playing everything slow. They said the offer might not come until after the season comes. They said they only have one legitimate offer out and that was to the kid from Florida but he's already committed to Nebraska.

We then asked Sexton if he could tell us a little about each of the schools in his top five.

Virginia Tech- They were the first to offer. I genuinely get the feeling they really want me up there. I haven't visited yet but I have a good relationship with coach Cavanaugh and coach Rogers. I don't want to be an option QB but I wouldn't have any problem playing in that offense as long as they still chunk it around a little bit.

Texas- I like their QB situation- they haven't signed a QB in two years. I really like the facilities and the way things are out there. I love coach Brown- everyone does. They're supposed to let me know after Father's Day as to whether they're going to offer.

Florida State- They "are" Florida State. They're probably my biggest offer I've got right now. They signed two big QB's but that doesn't bother me. If the situation is right that could be a school for me and I like their offense. Coach Lilly is recruiting me and he's a good guy.

Clemson- The thing about Clemson is that everything they do is just like us at Scotland County. I went down there and felt like I was at one of our practices- from the terminology, the routes they run, drops- everything's the same so it would be a good fit for me and I love Coach O'Cain. He said after five minutes of watching me he wanted to offer.

NC State- State is definitely up there. The only thing keeping them from being a school I'm seriously considering is the offer. Their not offering is going to put them behind but not to the point where I won't think about going there because I love it there. It's close to home and they're doing everything to get it going in the right direction. And sending Philip Rivers to the NFL is big to any QB that comes behind him.

StateFans- Your dad played for the Steelers and knows the recruiting game. Has he been very involved in your recruiting?

Cameron Sexton- My dad is completely out of it. He's there when I need advice if I want it but other than that, my mom, my dad and my coach are out of it. It's all my decision. I kind of wish sometimes they'd push me in one direction or the other to make the decision easier (laughing).

StateFans- We've heard that you may be contemplating graduating early and enrolling in college in time for spring practice. Anything to that?

Cameron Sexton- I am graduating early. I'm actually running the paperwork through now. I want to graduate early so if a school has a scholarship I definitely want to do that. I've heard a couple of coaches talk about the senior experience and that's all good but, you know, I'm ready to go.

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