All-Star Game MVP Awaiting Latest Test Scores

Palm Beach Gardens (Fl.) Defensive End Willie Young wrapped up a stellar career by winning MVP honors in the Florida-Louisiana All-Star Game, and he has the latest on his academic status.

"Man, I had a great game," Willie Young told StateFans. "I had about three sacks and a fumble recovery. They gave me the MVP award at the game, and everybody wanted to talk to me after the game. It was fun."

Fans and reporters flocked to Young after his outstanding performance, seeking autographs and asking questions about his future. When he mentioned that NC State was his college destination, most reporters responded with similar remarks.

"The first thing people say is that's big time," he said. "Then they mention NC State playing Miami this year... Virginia Tech and Ohio State. Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech... those are the teams I'm looking at playing, and I'm excited about that."

The Wolfpack features one of the toughest schedules in the country, with perennial powers Miami, Ohio State, and Florida State venturing to Raleigh while also playing at Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Maryland. Willie's excited about the challenges that these games will present.

"Yea, that's what I like," he said. "I love that. North Carolina State's on the rise, and I think a person in my situation can fit in up there. I don't have to start as a freshman, but I'm hoping I can just contribute early and get my feet wet."

However, Willie almost didn't sign with the Wolfpack. The Florida Gators, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Georgia Bulldogs presented strong competition for his services, but in the end he knew what he wanted to do.

"Everytime I thought about North Carolina State it was never a doubt about going there," he said. "The only thing was that I had to look at three to four years down the road and make sure it's right for me. I could have went to Florida and stuck to my plan, Georgia... any of them, but NC State just fit me the best. I think I knew that the whole time in my heart."

"North Carolina has the best surroundings for me too," he added. "It's country up there, and I love that. Coach Holliday and his kids go fishing all the time like me. He'll call me when he's down here in Fort Lauderdale bass fishing, and I'll joke around with him about it. Anything in the woods or the wildlife is what I prefer and that was big with North Carolina State."

For the past few months Willie has been focused on attaining a qualifying SAT score. He recently attempted his final test and although he's optimistic about his chances, a contingency plan is in place.

"My grades are coming along pretty good," he said. "I took the final SAT on June 4th, and I'm going to try and get it back early if I can. The coaches said that I'll go to the Hargrave school if I don't get that score, but I feel so good about this last one that I'm not really worried about it."

StateFans will have the latest on Willie Young once he receives the final SAT scores so stay tuned.

Check out these exclusive clips from StateFans, and you will see why Young is one of the nation's premier incoming defensive end prospects!

Film Session: DE #80 Willie Young

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#80 Defensive End Willie Young

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