College hoops needs Coach K"> College hoops needs Coach K">

Josh Powell speaks about early entry

Trying for the second time to stick on an NBA roster, Heat prospect Josh Powell hopes his decision to leave college early will prove to be a wise one. <p><small><b>Other featured stories for 7/6:</b></small><li><a href="" target=blank><b>College hoops needs Coach K</b></a>

Quote of the Day:"He's (Mike Krzyzewski) the type of coach that a lot of people come to see. If he had gone, then it would have taken two of our stars and best statesmen." - N.C. State's Herb Sendek

Josh Powell speaks about early entry
Miami Herald
Scan the Heat's Summer League roster and you'll find players with all kinds of stories concerning their entry into the league. There's Darius Rice, whose four years at the University of Miami probably were a few too many, hurting his status in the eyes of NBA executives. Read More

College hoops needs Coach K
Andrew B. Carter * Rocky Mount Telegram
The sport would have suffered had Coach K left for the NBA, as Stanford's Mike Montgomery did in May when he went to the Golden State Warriors for a monstrous payday and a new challenge. But while losing Montgomery was a hit, Krzyzewski's departure would have been a blow straight to the gut. Read More

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