Dervil: "I See Myself Playing With Those Boys"

Edward H. White High School cornerback Guesly Dervil (5-11.5, 175, 4.4) is one of the top cornerbacks in the state of Florida. Gene's Page caught up with him Monday night to see how recruiting was going. Guesly, who punctuates his conversation with laughter, talked very candidly about his play on the football field, the offers he has received and his favorite schools.

Guesly Dervil Profile

Guesly Dervil, when you talk to him, comes across as very, very confident in his ability and a guy who loves to play the game of football.

"I'm a wild man on the field and just like to fly around," said Dervil, who benches 320 pounds, power cleans 275 and has a 35 inch vertical leap. "I kind of see myself like Deon (Sanders). I've played football all my life and have played DB and punt return and kickoff return. I used to love when Deon Sanders used to run those punts back. I always saw myself doing the same thing."

Based on the number of recruiting calls that he received during May, coaches seemed to be ready to give this self-proclaimed football wild man the chance to be the next Deon Sanders.

"Man, that is a long list," said Dervil, referring to all the schools that called him. "I talked to North Carolina State, North Carolina, Florida, Syracuse, Alabama, Mississippi State, Auburn.....there were a lot."

When asked what those coaches said they liked about him, he mentioned, "my speed, my quick feet and how I react to the ball. I don't think, I just react. They like my aggressiveness. I love to work hard and I like competition."

Although he will only be camping at one school this summer - Florida this coming weekend - college coaches aren't taking a wait and see attitude about him. Several have already offered scholarships, with more to come.

"The schools that I named and East Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Clemson have offered scholarships," said Dervil. "Miami and FSU are waiting on my test scores. Both are recruiting me real hard."

Despite so many offers to choose from, Dervil already has a list of schools that he is most interested in.

"Number 1 is NC State, then Florida, Miami, Georgia, LSU and Tennessee," said Dervil, who was born in Haiti but only lived there a few years before moving to Miami. "Those are the main schools that I watch."

He talked in detail about why he has those six at the top of his list.

North Carolina State
"My brother plays there. I went to five of their games this past season. I like how they play. Plus, they showed me love and are cool. I was like, man, I could fit right in. I see myself playing with those boys. I could adapt to that kind of environment. Plus, (head coach) Chuck (Amato) is straight. And it's an up and coming program."

"I've been to their games, too. I like them. (Former high school teammates) Dawayne Grace and Dee Webb play there and our high school head coach left in January and is the secondary coach there. He ought to know how I play (laugh)."

"I love the heat. And that's where I first starting playing football. I lived in Miami for a long time because I'm only being (in Jacksonville) for four and a half years. Those boys can play and I like competition. All they do is compete there."

"I like how they play. They are physical. They are flying around. I love watching the Florida-Georgia game."

"Those boys are straight. I like their receivers because they are playing. Plus, they won the National Championship. And one of my home boys, Amp Hill, went there and his first year he got a (National Championship) ring. He played for First Coast (HS) (in Jacksonville, Fla.)."

"When my brother and I used to go at it, they were my favorite team. Everytime we would play a (sandlot) game, I would pick Tennessee. They had this wide receiver who could catch the ball with one hand. That told me that they compete there. I could see myself competing with those boys."

Although he didn't list Mississippi State among his top six, he did comment on them.

"I don't really know that much about Mississippi State, but I'm interested," said Dervil.

Throughout the interview you could tell Guesly enjoyed talking and probably enjoys everything about life. So, I asked him what he thought about guys like me calling him to find out his thoughts about his recruitment.

"I'm going along with it, but it's nothing like the excitement of a Friday night, it's nothing like that," said Dervil, with a laugh.

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