Breeden Still High on NC State

Cassan Breeden is back on the N.C. State radar. <P>

Cassan Breeden is back on the N.C. State radar.

The energetic and athletic 6-7 senior forward from Marlboro County (S.C.), who had seemed to lost a little favor with the Wolfpack coaching staff in the past few months, is once again a legitimate target.

However, is it too little too late?

Not according to Breeden, who still lists the Wolfpack among his top schools – along with Miami, St. John's, Georgia and Georgia Tech.

"I'm going to take a couple of official visits when I get the chance," Breeden said. "The most important things for me are the graduation rate and a chance to play. I want to make an impact my freshman year and I'm trying to major in teaching and mathematics."

Breeden said that, if his grades were up to Stanford par and the Cardinal called, it'd be a done deal. He also said that Georgia Tech and N.C. State are his two top academic schools on the list, which will matter when it's all said and done.

Breeden has always wanted to play in the ACC, so that'll give Georgia Tech and N.C. State a slight edge – but schools like Miami and St. John's appear to be more aggressive at this stage.

Breeden did not play on the circuit in July after the Nike All-American Camp after a dispute with the South Carolina Ravens.

"I knew my name was out there, so I didn't have to play," he added.

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