"Rivers Still Desires to be With the Chargers"

Former NC State quarterback Philip Rivers' agent Jimmy Sexton issued a statement last night following the public comments made by the San Diego Chargers organization regarding their contract negotiations.

Sexton's comments were in response to statements made by San Diego General Manager A.J. Smith. Smith mentioned that talks had broken down and the Chargers had pulled their offer off the table.

Sexton issued this statement last night:

"We regret to hear from the media that the Chargers have broken off negotiations regarding Philip Rivers. Additionally, it is unfortunate that the Chargers have decided to make the Philip Rivers negotiations public. This is particularly so, in light of the fact that the information given by the Chargers to the media and the fans is incorrect and has done nothing but create an atmosphere of greater mistrust for Philip. The truth is that the Chargers have not provided Philip with a 'base contract' offer greater than Larry Fitzgerald.

In addition, in an apparent attempt to deceive both the public and the media as to the size of an offer - the Chargers have also tendered a 'maximum contract' that has over $22,500,000 in an incentive that has never been achieved by any palyer in the history of the NFL - not John Elway, not Terry Bradshaw, not Joe Montana, not Brett Favre. By contrast, Manning, Fitzgerald and Gallery all have incentives that are either easily makeable or at least theoretically possible. We are confused by the Chargers calling it 'a great offer' when such a large amount is impossible to ever achieve.

At this point, Philip Rivers still desires to be with the Chargers. However, stunts like the Chargers put on today tend to drive the parties further apart rather than closer together and make it even more difficult to solve the challenge of getting Philip appropriately under a contract. We continue to be available to bring these negotiations to a mutually beneficial conclusion - and a good place to start is for the Chargers to be honest with Philip, his teammates and the San Diego fans."

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