Camp Amato: First Scrimmage in the Books

<B>RALEIGH, NC --</b> NC State was finally able to get in its first scrimmage of the year this afternoon, and Wolfpack Head Coach Chuck Amato met the media following today's scrimmage. Here's a sampler of what he had to say.

Opening Statement
"The defense was ahead of the offense... which is normal. It started off really good. The first offense went down the field and scored against the second-team defense and then the first defense did their job. It kind of sputtered after that.

The kicking was pretty good. We kicked some pretty long field goals the past couple of days of practice, and it is very important to what we need to do.

In goaline the defense totally dominated... totally dominated the goaline. It's really a defensive drill and they should dominate it. It's a drill that you can't hide, and I like it. We're going to continue doing that.

We held out some people. T.J. Williams didn't practice. We held out T.A. [McLendon]. T.A.'s really, really done well, and the other day he tweaked a hamstring. He probably could have gone if we wanted him to but those two young kids need all the work they can get. It's really a blessing in disguise because T.A. has earned his stripes.

The quarterback situation... they both went with the first offense and they both went with the second offense. We'll let you know after we look it over, and we're going to start making a push on that position. It's working out pretty good as we stand right now."

When you say "push" on that position what do you mean?
As far as making a decision. We don't want to go until kickoff. If we have to we will.

Did one stand out more than the other today?
Oh, no. One was 10-22 and one was 9-22 if I'm not mistaken.

How did the young running backs look?
Fair... fair. It's new to them too. You get two young running backs in here and you put them in a stadium that they have watched some games at, and it's a little different. They've got a lot of talent and all they are going to do is get better. That's why they need all the work they can get.

You mentioned the kicking game. Was that any one guy or several guys?
[John] Deraney really had a good day. Deraney really had a good day kicking.

What does Marcus Hudson's return mean to the secondary this year?
It means another experienced football player who has been in big battles and in big games. He's very confident and brings enthusiasm to that side. Which is so important on defense. You can play on enthusiasm defensively but offensively the timing is so important.

What is Josh Brown's situation as far as what his responsibilites are?
Right now Josh is going to come out and help us. You've got some issues there that may be personal, but we want him on the team and I'm not going to push him. He's going to come out and help these young kids with their assignments. It's nothing serious.

With the Cross and Covington situation how will that affect the defensive front?
Sure it does. Both had outstanding springs and hopefully they can do what they need to do to get back in good merits with the university.

Is the door open for them to return in the future?
Oh yea. If they do what they have to get done... absolutely.

Any freshmen outside of the two running backs playing well enough to make you think they may contribute?
[DeMario] Pressley has been impressive. Those two tight ends are going to be good. A couple of wide receivers are going to be good, but they just need to get in there and get a lot of work.

Cross, Covington Ruled Ineligible

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