Costner Looking Forward to Rest

<p>Just a couple more events this summer, and Brandon Costner can take a break from the summer circuit.</p> <p>The latest on Costner's recruitment inside.</p>

For most players the summer club circuit has already come to an end, but not for six-foot-eight forward Brandon Costner. However, with just one more tournament in Philly this weekend and a stop at Five-Star camp to go he can see a light at the end of the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a nice reward for the West Orange (NJ) Seton Hall star.

“When I come back from Five-Star I’m going to take a vacation,” Brandon Costner told Phog.Net. “I’ll head down to our family house in Florida and get away from things and just chill out.”

Because he has spent so much time on the road traveling to and playing in tournaments, Costner hasn’t thought about his college choice quite as much as he’d like to. However, he is probably going to shorten his already short list of Kansas, N.C. State, Seton Hall, UCLA and UConn in the very near future.

Although he wouldn’t admit that they will be his final three, the schools that have been in contact with him the most just might end up with the best shot.

“Bill Self (Kansas), Clyde Vaughan (UConn), and Larry Harris (N.C. State) have been calling me the most. Sort of kind of (they are a top 3) but I haven’t really thought about it enough,” said Costner. “I’m going to sit down in the next week after I get back from my tournament and we’ll talk about narrowing the list.”

Having already taken an official visit to UCLA in the spring, Costner has four remaining trips that he can use and at this point he hasn’t set up any other visits. He will take some more visits, but they’ll come after he has conducted in home visits (no dates scheduled yet) so it will probably be until later in September before he takes any additional visits.

During the recruiting process Costner has seen the schools involved try various things to keep his attention. Although he couldn’t point out anything particularly creative, he did comment on what technique he noticed the most.

“Probably I most noticed earlier this year there was a stint of two and a half or three weeks where I got at least 25 letters a day from Kansas.”

As a player Costner is a versatile and skilled big man who can face up all the way out to three point land and knock home jumpers. He finds cutters with ease and has the ability to change the game with his rebounding when he is focused and aggressive. Admittedly he got off to a slow start in the spring and changed his approach for summer.

“I thought that I played well overall. In the spring I tried to fit in too much and didn’t assert myself,” said Costner. “I think I picked up on both ends and became more assertive and played well in the summer though.”

Finally, as Costner nears the end of the recruiting process there is a lot to like about each school.


“I like Coach Self a lot and it looks like I’ll have a chance for a lot of playing time because Wayne (Simien) is leaving. They have a lot of wing forwards and I’ll be able to play the power forward. I also know Mario Chalmers and I like him and I know Micah (Downs) too. I also know Alex Galindo from playing with him on the same club team.”


“I really like their style of play and how the big men get to face up. I kind of remind myself of Marcus Melvin and I like the things that he does.”


“It is close to home and I am always over there. I’ve formed a bond with all of the players and coaches over there.”


“I like Coach Howland and I like the fact that they are trying to rebuild and make it a great program again. I also like that they have great guards like Jordan Farmar and Afflalo there already. Also there is going to be lots of playing time for a big man from the start.”


“I like Coach Calhoun and how many NBA players they have produced there over the years. I also like that they win championships. They win in the NCAA tournament and they win in the Big East Championships almost every year.”

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