Camp Amato: Player Quotables

<B>Raleigh, NC -- </b>Several Wolfpack players met with the media following Monday's first scrimmage and here is a sampler of what they had to say.

Quarterback Marcus Stone
What was the biggest surprise at going full speed today?
"Well, it wasn't too much of a surprise because we get it everyday in practice."

How comfortable are you feeling in practice?
"As the days go by I start feeling more comfortable and comfortable. Coach has been helping me out and he quizzes me over and over."

Coach Amato just said that he's going to start putting a push on the position. Are you anxious to find out or comfortable splitting it up?
"With the starting spot I try not to think about it. I try to go out and practice everyday. [Just] work as hard as I can and do what I can for the team. I'll let Coach Amato decide that when the time comes."

You think both guys will get a good look early in the season... especially against Richmond?
"I'm not sure."

Anybody impressing you that we may not expect?
"Really the whole team. The line blocked well today I thought."

Have you developed a chemistry with any specific wideout?
"Well, not really. Not really a particular favorite. I'm just going to try and hit the open man."

Quarterback Jay Davis
"Well, I think our defense is going to be pretty good [Laughing]. They kind of kicked us around today, and that's good for them. We're going to be a team that I think can run the football and play some defense and we're excited for it."

How do you feel you played?
"I made some mistakes but I feel each day I'm learning and I'm getting better. I feel that's important right now. As far as the mental aspect and seeing things... it's a little bit clearer and a little faster. I think it will help me down the road."

Do you feel extra pressure on the scrimmages because that may be where the job is won?
"Everyday we come out here with the attitude that we're competing against each other right now. These scrimmages are really no different than a regular practice."

Wide Receiver Tramain Hall
Thoughts on the scrimmage:
"It was pretty good. There's a few things we need to work on as far as the communication and formations. The quarterback relationship with the receivers we're still working on."

How has the timing been between the wide receivers and the quarterbacks?
"It felt off a little bit... especially if you're used to another quarterback. With Jay and Stone rotating in and out we just need to keep working on our breaks and the timing. Other then that things went well."

How have the freshman receivers, DaJuan Morgan and John Dunlap, looked?
"They look real good. They've got great potential, and I think once they get on the field they will perform. They are big, physical receivers and in due time they'll get a chance to shine."

What's your thoughts on the defense?
"The defense is looking great... even the second team defense. Coach Herring has them excited out there and they are pursuing the ball from every angle."

Can you tell a difference in this year's defense and last year's?
"A big-time difference. You've just got guys coming from everywhere trying to make a big play."

What players have impressed you so far?
"I like Brian Clark. I think his work ethic is really showing out here on the field like with that big catch he made out there in the corner. On the other side guys like Pat Thomas and Andre Maddox always stand out to me because they work so hard."

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