Wolfpack Debuts New Uniforms"> Wolfpack Debuts New Uniforms">

Media Day: Chuck Amato Q&A

<B>Raleigh, N.C. --</b> NC State Head Coach Chuck Amato met with the media at NC State's Media Day and here's a sampling of what he had to say. <P> <a href="http://northcarolinastate.theinsiders.com/2/286408.html">Wolfpack Debuts New Uniforms</a>

How soon do you think before you name your starting quarterback?
"It just went back one more day. I told the people before when we're ready to name it we'll name it. Everytime someone asks me it just goes back one more day. Now we're looking at the week after the Ohio State game."

It looks like Tank Tyler has come on strong. Talk with us about him.
"He's done a good job, and as long as he keeps his weight where it's suppose to be he'll keep that position.

He's a young man we talked about moving to offense last spring. He would have done it because he is a team player. It's so hard to analyze a youngster as a true freshman. Tank shouldn't have played last year... he should have been red-shirted. With what he did in our offseason program and how he looked this spring and how he's looking now, he'll be playing that position the whole time he's here."

Who do you think challenges T.A. McLendon more at being the starting running back? Darrell Blackman, Bobby Washington, or T.A.?
"Well right now it's T.A. You can't make the team in the tub. He had a great fall practice up until last Friday. He broke one running down the field and tweaked a hamstring. It probably scared him more than anything.

He's been phenominal... absolutely phenominal in every phase of the game."

With Bobby and Darrell on board, if T.A. was healthy would he be the starter?
""Sure he would... if he was healthy. Those two kids put on a display yesterday... and the day before, and the day before, and the day before. It hasn't just been yesterday.

That's what we're striving for... to get that kind of depth. Florida State had four them last year, four-deep at tailback. It just gives you another little change of pace."

What has Bobby Washington done well?
"He hasn't fumbled. He hasn't lost a fumble. He's got tremendous acceleration, and to be here for such a short period of time he's really picked up the offense.

He's very coachable. Both of them are very coachable kids. Coach Portee's done an outstanding job giving them all the extra help they have needed."

During the recruiting process how close were you to getting him?
"You asked that question to the biggest optomist in the recruiting business. I thought we had him from the very start. We had him scheduled for a visit and he never did [come]. All his life he always wanted to go [to Miami].

It worked out and it's amazing to read this his mom and dad wanted him to come here."

How would you compare DeMario Pressley to the other freshmen defensive linemen from last year?
"A little further ahead."

Is there a concern that there may not be a Jerricho Cotchery-type receiver this year?
"There's an unbelievable concern. We were concerned there wouldn't be another Koren Robinson. I'm sure when Koren Robinson came along there was concern there would never be another Torry Holt. It's time for one of these young guys to step up and be that person. You know with all these running backs maybe we'll go to the wishbone."

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