Media Day: Player Quotables

<B>Raleigh, N.C. --</b> NC State players met with the media during player interviews at the Wolfpack's Media Day and here's a sampling of what some of them had to say.

Running Back Bobby Washington
Can you talk about what you've been through the last couple of weeks?
"I've been going through a lot of stuff, but I'm trying to adapt to where I'm at. I'm getting used to it, and I'm making it home. Everything should be alright."

Why NC State? Was it because of the connection to Miguel Scott, Stephen Tulloch, and all the other guys?
"Yes it was a good connection. When it happened Steve called me up and just told to come up here with him. I thought about it for a long time and just decided it."

You had never been to NC State before had you?
"No, I never took any visits."

What schools did you visit?
"I only took one visit. That was to the University of Miami."

How heavily did State recruit you out of high school?
"They were recruiting me when Miami was recruiting me. Doc [Holliday] was recruiting me, and he was letting me know to come up here."

Free Safety Miguel Scott
How was your first semester at NC State?

"It was a little crazy. I wasn't used to the college life so I had to get my feet wet. The first thing I wanted to do was learn the defense because the big plays are going to come."

Did having former teammates at NC State matter in your decision, and has it helped you thus far?
"Yes. Having them up here with me is a big help. Anytime I need information I can go to them and they will lead me in the right direction."

What were some of the factors that led you to NC State?
"Coach Amato was a big factor for me. I knew he was one of FSU's best recruiters, and he recruited Miami for them. I just had a faith in Chuck Amato. My decision was all about my confidence in Chuck Amato."

Talk about the running back situation at NC State.
"I think we have four great running backs, and I think we'll use all of them. They all can be helpful for us this year."

Running Back Reggie Davis
You've had a hamstring injury. Has that been tough to get over?

"The hamstring injury is really not that serious. It didn't even pop or anything. I feel great right now. I've been working out hard, and I'm just getting my rest on. I'm just wanting to get back and help my team."

When do you believe you'll be back?
"I hope this week."

Was it tough giving up a red-shirt season last year?
"I think all freshmen want to come in and play. Some may want to red-shirt. I looked at it as if God was ready for me to play then. I may not have been ready for the Ohio State game or any of the other early games. I just looked at it as my time to help the team. I was willing to do anything to help the team."

How do you see your role for this season?
"I believe I should be out there more this year. We have great backs and there is a whole bunch of competition, but the coaches believe in me. I guess we'll see when the season starts."

What do you think the freshmen running backs bring to the table?
"I really like both of those guys. They both work hard, and I love their speed and agility. I just think they are great guys, and they'll be able to help our team even more.

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