Rumph is Ready to Hit the Field, Finally

Lerue Rumph has endured a difficult three years as he's battled back from a serious leg injury. We've got the latest on his thoughts on the upcoming season.

Lerue Rumph signed with NC State two years ago after attending Clearwater Central Catholic High School. He suffered a broken tibia as a junior in high school and then re-injured the leg as a senior. This past year Rumph red-shirted and is now chomping at the bit for his first college action. Pack Pride caught up with Rumph to get his feelings on the upcoming season.

How do you like the new uniforms?

"I like them a lot. They're real tight."

How is the leg now? You've had some time for it to heal so have you made it back to 100%?

"Actually I've had two years for it to heal. But now it's doing good. I'm 100% right now."

You recently made the switch from safety to linebacker. How has that move gone so far?

"It's no difference really. I mean, the rover is like a hidden linebacker really so now it's like I'm guarding the TE and I have a lot more run responsibilities. I've only been there for about a week and a half so the transition is ongoing. It's a work in progress."

Have any of the LB's been able to come up and help you with the move to LB?

"All of the LB's have come and help me. When they see something I need to work on they come up and tell me to just keep working at it."

What are your personal expectations for this year?

"I think I mainly want to come out and help the team win. I'll be working special teams and if I get my chance to help the team on defense then I'll help on defense."

Which LB position are you playing right now?

"I'm playing the SAM (strong-side) spot."

How has your experience at NC State been so far?

"It's been a good experience. It's been a long one because I've had to battle this injury but it's been a pretty good one."

What size are you at right now?

"Right now I'm at 6-2, 215 pounds."

State's schedule is loaded with big games this year but is there any one in particular that you're looking forward to?

"I'm excited about all of them to be honest with you. I haven't played in so long- from Richmond to ECU- I just want to get out there and tear it up."

What is it about NC State that so many kids from Florida have ended up in Raleigh?

"It's just a great place to be at. NC State just has a lot to offer to all these young athletes that they keep bringing up here. I don't think there's a big difference in going to Florida State or coming up here because both are great programs. I think a lot of Florida players feel reassured when they come up here and see so many guys from Florida on the team."

What's it been like playing for Coach Herring?

"He's a real intense guy and I like him a lot. I mean, I like to play intense and he's just a great coach."

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