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Pack Pride presents the top 25 list. We cut through all the noise of recruiting to give you an up to date look at the major prospects on NC State's radar.

Pack Pride presents The Top 25 List. This feature gives a detailed listing of players interested in NC State and they are ranked according to their interest in the Wolfpack based on information gathered by the staff at Pack Pride. This list is in no way connected with any actual recruiting list of the NC State coaching staff. All players on this board have received a scholarship offer from the Pack unless specified otherwise.

Pack Pride Rating Legend

100- Verbal Commitment

95-99 NCS Lean

90-94 NCS in top 2 or 3

85-89 NCS in top 5 or 6

75-84 NCS has work to do

1. DE Chad Green (6-5, 240 pounds) Hinds Community College, Raymond, Ms

Notes....Committed to NCS in 2003.... JUCO All-American....NCS Recruiter....Manny Diaz....Rating....100

2. DE Greg Peterson (6-5, 260 pounds) Hinds Community College, Raymond, Ms

Notes....Committed to NCS over UNC, OM, UNC and others....JUCO All-American HM....NCS Recruiter.....Doc Holliday....Rating....100

3. QB Mike Greco (6-3, 205 pounds, 4.4/40) Cardinal Gibbons HS, Ft Lauderdale, Fla

Prospect Ranking...3-star prospect...No. 42 player in Florida by Recruiter........Doc Holliday

Notes....Greco blew up at NCS's camp and came away with an offer. State took the lead for his services with Auburn and Rutgers nipping at their heels. Many feel either Miami or Florida State will ultimately offer depending on how things shake out with their QB prospects. Should that happen then that team would most likely become State's stiffest competition....Update...Verbal Commitment...Rating....100

4. OL Curtis Crouch (6-5, 315 pounds, 5.3/40) EE Smith High School, Fayetteville, NC

Prospect Ranking....3-star prospect...Nation's No. 6 OG by Tom Lemming....No. 11 player in NC....NCS Recruiter........Curt Cignetti

Notes....Super OL prospect with tremendous strength and good agility. Offers from NCS, OKL, UVA, VT and TENN and has consistently listed NCS as fave. Family prefers NCS and former teammate, Demarcus Tyler, is at State now. Watch out for TENN and potentially VT.....Update...State still at the top but visits could become crucial. We like the fact Crouch's family is pushing State...Rating....98

5. OL Julian Williams (6-4, 295 pounds, 5.2/40) New Bern (NC) High School

Prospect Ranking....3-star prospect....Nation's No. 14 OG by Tom Lemming...NCS Recruiter........Manny Diaz

Notes....Has offers from NCS, ECU and MD. Injury in 2003 has caused some schools to take wait and see approach but Pack has been aggressive. State has been Williams' consistent leader with many feeling a commit to NCS only being a matter of time. Teammates with Pack recruit Montario Hardesty....Update...Williams declares no favorite among East Carolina, NC State and Maryland. We think State is still in a good position but there's no denying Williams has backed off his claims on NC State leading from earlier in the year...Rating.....96

6. RB Richie Rich (5-10, 180 pounds, 4.4/40) Wheeler High School, Marietta, Ga

Prospect Ranking....4-star prospect....Nation's No. 20 RB....NCS Recruiter........Noel Mazzone

Notes....Super player with great strength, speed and vision. Coach Mazzone loves Rich at RB and that fact has propelled NCS to the front of Rich's top five along with MD. However, MD may not take any more RB's which could drop them on his list. Will visit NCS this fall. Other schools to keep an eye on are FSU, ND, AUB and OKL...Update....Rich loves the Florida schools and has not hid the fact he would probably commit should FSU or MIA offer....However, short of an offer from those two, State still looks strong with their offense being a major selling point....Rating....96

7. WR/RB JC Neal (6-0, 185 pounds, 4.4/40) Lakewood High School, Sumter, SC

Prospect Ranking....3-star prospect....No. 8 player in SC....NCS Recruiter........Dick Portee

Notes....Blazing prospect who reportedly wowed the NCS coaches at camp with his speed. Being recruited as a WR/RB, odds are he would end up at WR for NCS. Has better than a dozen offers but has consistently favored VT and NCS. Should be in attendance for State games this fall...Update...Maryland, VT and NC State continue to lead the way with Duke in the mix as well. ....Rating....95

8. CB Guesly Dervil (5-10, 170 pounds, 4.4/40) Ed White High School, Jacksoville, Fla

Prospect Ranking....3-star prospect...NCS Recruiter........Reggie Herring

Notes....Has about a half dozen offers but has been favoring NCS for weeks. Very fast and athletic CB. Brother, Gerlin, is already at NCS. Keep an eye on Florida if they decide to offer. Another school in the running is UGA....Rating....95

9. OL Michael Turkovich (6-5, 265 pounds, 5.0/40) Valley Forge Academy, Wayne, Pa

Prospect Ranking...Currently Unranked....NCS Recruiter........Greg Williams

Notes....Picked up offers from NCS, UNC, DK, BC and WIS this summer and currently favors NCS. Wants to play in big-time conference and proximity to home is a factor as well. Not necessarily a slam dunk for NCS so keep an eye on BC and WIS. Update...LSU recently offered and that has greatly clouded the picture. Decision could still come any day and it looks to be between LSU and NCS. Could go either way at this point.....Rating....93

10. ATH Montario Hardesty (6-1, 200 pounds, 4.4/40) New Bern (NC) High School

Prospect Ranking....4-star prospect....Nation's No. 11 S.....No. 7 player in NC....NCS Recruiter........Manny Diaz

Notes....Amazing ATH that could project at a number of positions. Has steadily seen his offer list grow this summer. Grew up a fan of FSU but Noles have not been overly involved. Many feel, short of an FSU offer, NCS could prove tough to beat- especially if teammate Julian Williams should choose the Pack. NEB, VT and UNC also heavily involved....Rating....93

11. TE/DE Jonathan Hannah (6-4, 255 pounds, 4.8/40) South View HS, Hope Mills, NC

Prospect Ranking.....4-star prospect....Nation's No. 5 TE....No. 4 player in NC....NCS Recruiter........Mike Barry

Notes....Tremendous jumbo athlete who now has better than a dozen offers. NCS and VT have been prominent for months with VT taking a slight lead recently. Father played at NCS. Some feel Hannah is destined for NCS but the fact some feel that way could hurt with Hannah. NCS will have to win Hannah over because he won't choose NCS simply because both parents went there. Update...Recently attended Meet the Pack Day and State still looks to be strong. Hannah explained on Pack Pride that he and Cameron Sexton would like to attend the same school but both ultimately have to do what's best for each....Rating....93

12. S Dorian Munroe (6-0, 180 pounds, 4.55/40) Coral Reef HS, Miami, Fl

Prospect Ranking....4-star prospect and the No. 29 player in Florida by Recruiter....Doc Holliday

Notes....Munroe has good speed and the play-making ability and football savvy that can't be coached. Georgia, Miami, Florida State, Florida and LSU appear to be the front-runners but we really like the Pack's chances here. Munroe has connections with several of the Killian players on the State roster, particularly Bobby Washington and that could help State's chances when official visits roll around.....Rating....92

13. CB Levin Neal (5-11, 180 pounds, 4.4/40) Ashley High School, Wilmington, NC

Prospect Ranking....3-star prospect...No. 23 player in NC....NCS Recruiter........Greg Williams

Notes....Neal is a player that reportedly had a tremendous showing at NCS's camp and came away with an offer. Has better than a half dozen offers but favors NCS in-state and FSU and UGA out-of-state. Will attend the MIA contest later this year...Update....Neal recently suffered an ankle injury but all indications are State will not let up. NCS has a lot of potential to emerge as a leader here at some point. FSU, UGA and FLA continue to be the main competition.....Rating....92

14. LB Mike Hanson (6-3, 220 pounds, 4.6/40) Teaneck (NJ) High School

Prospect Ranking....2-star prospect by Recruiter....Mike Barry

Notes...Hanson is a big, bruising LB claiming about a half dozen offers. He currently names NCS as his favorite with IND, LOU, WIS, UVA and MD in the mix as well. There is quite a bit of potential for Hanson to move up, down or off of this list once more information becomes available...Rating....91

15. K Justin Sparks (6-3, 175 pounds) Briarcrest Christian, Memphis, Tn

Prospect Ranking....Currently Unranked....NCS Recruiter........Noel Mazzone

Notes....Reports offers from OKL ST, OM and NCS. Has visited State a couple of times including camp back in July. Appears to be most interested in OM and NCS but has not distinguished a leader between the two. His decision could come anytime in August. Sparks is teammates with Pack recruit Michael Oher....Rating....90

16. QB Chris Todd (6-3, 190 pounds) Elizabethtown (Ky) High School

Prospect Ranking...Currently unranked....NCS Recruiter....Curt Cignetti

Notes....Pocket passer that had monster season as a junior passing for better than 4,500 yards and 50 touchdowns. Camped at State this summer and reported that he came away with an offer. In addition to the Pack, Todd claims offers from UNC, WF and CINC. Todd is reportedly trying to decide between UNC and NCS and a decision could potentially come at any time. One caveat is that we're not completely sure what effect Greco's commit could have on the status of Todd, or if it could have any effect at all as it appears State is seriously pursuing the possibility of landing two QB's.....Rating....90

17. RB Toney Baker (5-11, 215 pounds, 4.4/40) Ragsdale High School, Jamestown, NC

Prospect Ranking....4-star prospect....Nation's No. 3 RB by Tom Lemming....No. 1 player in NC....NCS Recruiter........Curt Cignetti

Notes....Some consider Baker to be a heavy silent lean to NCS. Publically, Baker says he is open between NCS, UNC, VT, UVA and TENN. Proximity to home is big consideration as is ability to impact as a freshman. Baker has numerous friends at State and has unofficially visited several times...Update...With the Pack securing Bobby Washington, State's chances of landing Baker slipped. Where State looked almost like a sure thing several weeks ago, NCS, VT and UVA all look neck and neck currently. Should Darrell Blackman and Bobby Washington have big years, realistically, one would expect State to fall further....Rating....90

18. DE Everette Brown (6-4, 240 pounds, 4.55/40) Beddingfield High School, Wilson, NC

Prospect Ranking....4-star prospect....Nation's No. 12 DE....No. 6 player in NC....NCS Recruiter........Manny Diaz

Notes....Sports offers from NCS, TENN, MIA, VT and UNC among others. NCS, UNC, PSU, MIA and FSU appear to be the primary contenders. Has made unofficial visits to NCS but has not named any leaders as of yet. Brown heading out of state could be a real possibility....Rating....89

19. QB Cameron Sexton (6-2, 177 pounds, 4.4/40) Scotland County HS, Laurinburg, NC

Prospect Ranking....3-star prospect....No. 16 player in NC....NCS Recruiter........Greg Williams

Notes....Has close to 12 offers but seems most interested in FSU, VT, NCS and CLEM. Has made several trips to State including pro-day and camp. Also made an impromptu visit to watch Pack players working out. Although he has not publically named a leader, some feel VT and FSU may hold the upper hand...Update... UNC recently re-entered the picture and have become a huge player once again. Although he has not said so publically, our feeling is that State has dropped somewhat....Rating....88

20. WR Josh Briscoe (6-3, 175 pounds, 4.5/40) Burns High School, Lawndale, NC

Prospect Ranking....3-star prospect....No. 13 player in NC....NCS Recruiter........Dick Portee

Notes....Tall, lanky receiver with good hands and shiftiness. Favors UGA, VT, UVA, NCS, TENN and USC but many feel it very likely that he follows TENN-commit Jonathan Crompton to Knoxville. Briscoe's real interest in NCS has been difficult to judge up to this point....Rating....87

21. OL Ronnie Wilson (6-3, 335 pounds, 5.3/40) Ely High School, Pompano Beach, Fla

Prospect Ranking....4-star prospect....No. 3 OL in Florida by Orlando Sentinel....NCS Recruiter........Doc Holliday

Notes....Reports 16 offers and has already set official visits with NCS, OSU and PITT. Some had Wilson reportedly making a commit to OSU while camping with the Buckeyes but that apparently did not pan out. Wilson's trip up for the OSU game will be huge for the Pack's chances. MIA could be a strong player here as well but it's unclear as to what the Cane's interest level is currently....Rating....86.....Official Visit.....Sept 18

22. CB Jordan Hemby (5-11, 175 pounds, 4.4/40) Freedom High School, Morganton, NC

Prospect Ranking....No. 26 player in NC...NCS Recruiter........Curt Cignetti

Notes....Has attended four camps and earned a scholarship from each school he attended including NCS, VT, UNC and CLEM. Has shied away from naming faves so impossible to say exactly what he might be thinking. Has forged a good relationship with the NCS coaches however....Rating....86

23. DE/TE Richard Gordon (6-4, 255 pounds, 4.7/40) Norland High School, Miami, Fla

Prospect Ranking....4-star prospect....Nation's No. 15 DE....No. 1 TE in Florida by Orlando Sentinel....NCS Recruiter........Doc Holliday

Notes....One of the nation's best combo DE/TE athletes. Has around 10 offers and has reported that NCS is one of the schools recruiting him the hardest. Primary schools right now appear to be NEB, FLA, FSU and NCS but watch out for MIA should the Canes offer. Potential for OV later in the year looks good....Rating....86

24. OL Simon Codrington (6-5, 265 pounds, 5.0/40) S. Miami (Fla) High School

Prospect Ranking....3-star prospect....No. 7 OL in Florida by Orlando Sentinel....NCS Recruiter........Doc Holliday

Notes....Tall, athletic OL who holds a tremendous amount of upside. Reports close to two dozen offers but appears to be mainly focused on the Big 3, WVU, NCS and MSU. FLA may hold the upper hand currently but this is a player State has the potential to land....Rating....86

25. LB Jamar Chaney (6-1, 215 pounds, 4.45/40) St Lucie W Centennial, Ft Pierce, Fla

Prospect Ranking....4-star prospect....No. 10 LB in Florida by Orlando Sentinel...NCS Recruiter........Reggie Herring

Notes....Very talented OLB prospect who currently favors the Big 3, UGA, NCS and LSU. Of his faves, only UGA and NCS has offered. Plans to officially visit State later in the year. Has not named specific favorites as of yet....Rating....85


Just missed the cut....

Here's 13 more prospects who didn't quite make the top 25 list but the potential is certainly there for any of these talented players to be included in future lists.

26. OL Chris Barney (6-5, 315 pounds, 5.2/40) Northwestern High School, Miami, Fla

Prospect Ranking....4-star prospect....Nation's No. 26 OL....No. 2 OL in Florida by Orlando Sentinel....NCS Recruiter........Doc Holliday

Notes....Super OL prospect with outstanding strength and good agility. Close to 20 offers but the front runners appear to be MIA, Southern Cal, NCS, OKL, OSU and FSU. We feel strongly that State will get an official visit but history has not been kind to the Pack with OL from S. Florida.....Rating....85

27. RB Antone Smith (5-8, 185 pounds, 4.4/40) Pahokee (Fla) High School

Prospect Ranking....5-star prospect....Nation's No. 3 RB....No. 2 RB in Florida by Orlando Sentinel....NCS Recruiter........Doc Holliday

Notes....Amazing athlete the Pack has targeted as an every-down RB. Offers from all over but the primary teams in contention are MIA, FSU, NCS and RUT. Smith has sincere interest in the Pack but the pressure to stay in Florida may be too much. Probably a Cane when all is said and done....Rating....85

28. LB Geno Hayes (6-2, 215 pounds, 4.6/40) Madison County High School, Madison, Fla

Prospect Ranking....5-star prospect....Nation's No. 3 LB.......NCS Recruiter........Reggie Herring

Notes....One of the nation's most devastating LB prospects. Has the ability to change the outcome of a game from his LB spot. Better than 2 dozen offers but favors USC, FSU, NCS, LSU, OKL and MIA. Grew up a fan of FSU but seemed bothered that they didn't offer early. NCS led in the early going but recently Southern Cal has been out front with State in his top five...Update...Pack continues in top 5 for Hayes but obviously have slipped from when they led back in the spring. Many insiders feel that FSU has taken the lead which could really spell doom for the Pack's chances if it turns out to be true....Rating....85

29. LB Elijah Hodge (6-1, 200 pounds, 4.5/40) Dillard High School, Ft Lauderdale, Fla

Notes...4-star prospect....Favors MIA, IOWA (brother plays at Iowa), LSU and NCS.....Rating....85

30. CB Chris Chancellor (5-9, 155 pounds, 4.4/40) Edison High School, Miami, Fla

Notes....3-star prospect....Favors FSU (childhood fave) over FLA, MIA, NEB & NCS....Rating....85

31. DE/TE Kyle Newell (6-4, 225 pounds, 4.6/40) Bethlehem (Pa) Catholic High School

Notes.....4-star prospect....Nation's No. 11 DE....Has been rather vague on favorites but likes FLA, FSU, UVA, MD, TENN and NCS....Rating....85

32. S Kenny Phillips (6-2, 195 pounds, 4.45/40) Carol City High School, Miami, Fla

Notes....5-star prospect....Nation's No. 1 S.....Favors MIA, FSU, NCS, FLA, LSU....Rating....85

33. RB Conredge Collins (6-0, 220 pounds, 4.6/40) Pace High School, Miami, Fla

Notes....3-star prospect...Favors FSU and MIA over NCS and OSU. Visited NCS this summer....Rating....84

34. DE Ricky Jean-Francois (6-3, 245 pounds, 4.6/40) Carol City High School, Miami, Fla

Notes.....5-star prospect....Nation's No. 4 DE...Favors MIA solid over NCS, FSU, LSU and SC...Rating....83

35. OL Michael Oher (6-5, 330 pounds, 5.2/40) Briarcrest Christian, Memphis, Tn

Notes.....5-star prospect...Nation's No. 4 OL....Doesn't appear to be leaning in any direction but likes TENN, MEM, NCS, OKL and FSU. Has visited NCS twice and there is potential for him to move up on this list...Rating....83

36. LB Gerrod Sinclair (6-0, 210 pounds, 4.65/40) Mandarin High School, Jacksonville, Fla

Notes.....Currently Unranked.....No favorites. From same school as Brian Dennison....Rating....83

37. WR Lavar Lobdell (6-3, 195 pounds, 4.5/40) Christian Brothers Academy, Syracuse, NY

Notes.....4-star prospect....Nation's No. 6 WR.....No favorites. NCS just offered two weeks ago. Lobdell did describe NCS as team he has high interest in so he could move up this list with time.....Rating......82

38. DT Jeffrey Owens (6-2, 275 pounds, 4.9/40) Plantation (Fla) High School

Notes....4-star prospect....Favors MIA, FSU and OKL over NCS and UGA. Camped at NCS....Rating....82

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