Pack Pride Q & A with WR DaJuan Morgan

Pack Pride sits down with WR DaJuan Morgan.

DaJuan Morgan signed with NC State this past February after learning that Ohio State, the team he had originally committed to, had reneged on its scholarship offer. Morgan has been hard at work learning the intricacies of the Wolfpack offense and making the transition from high school to college.

How did it come to be that NC State became an option for you almost immediately after learning that Ohio State had backed out on their scholarship offer?

"After we heard the news my coach got on the phone right away and he asked me if there were any schools I wanted to call and NC State was one of the first teams that recruited me real hard so I gave State a shot. My coach called, I guess he got in touch with Doc and I talked to him. We got everything squared away for my visit the following weekend and I ended up signing with NC State."

Did it help in your decision making process when you got to State and saw so many other players from your area?

"It did. You know, everything always happens for a reason so I when I got here I just liked it right away. I met the players and it just felt like I belonged here. It helps a whole lot coming knowing you've got guys here from the same hometown where I'm from and from Florida so I felt real comfortable."

What's been the biggest challenge in making the transition from high school to college football?

"The terminology of just learning the plays, the assignments, alignments and getting off the ball with these big, physical corner backs is a whole lot different than high school. Just the speed of the game is a whole lot faster."

As a freshman coming in, what are your expectations for yourself this year?

"I feel like I have a good chance to come in and contribute a little bit. You know, I'm going to be patient. When I first got to high school I didn't start so good things come to people that wait. Right now I just want to learn the system, get everything down, get a little strength and come out next year and be where I expect to be."

The wide receivers have had a chance to work with two good QB's during camp. What has been your impression?

"They're both pretty good QB's so it doesn't really matter to me which one plays because I like both of them."

Any particular play that you enjoy running?

"Yeah, I like running a 62 mesh. That's when I come across the middle with the TE and we rub each other. He'll rub my man off and I'll come free across the middle."

Describe what type of player you are.

"I'm a speed guy. When I get the ball I can make people miss but sometimes I don't even know what I'm going to do. That's just instinct I guess."

What size are you at now?

"6-2, 196 pounds."

You and John Dunlap are the two new guys in the WR corps. How have you gotten along and what can you tell me about John?

"We're like brothers. He's big and physical, strong and got great hands. He runs nice routes. He's going to be a big-time player too for us."

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