New Assistant Todd Stroud Talks Defensive Line

Todd Stroud took over this fall for Joe Pate as NC State's defensive line coach. The former strength and conditioning coach is already a favorite among the players and has plenty of talent to work with this season.

Could you comment on the second team DL?

[Dwayne] Herndon and [Tank] Tyler are battling it out for the starting spot at one defensive tackle position. Johnny McCargo is starting at the other tackle spot and behind him you have true freshman Demario Pressley. Demario is really coming along and doing some good things. He'll be a guy in there that will give us some depth.

Behind Manny [Lawson], you have Renaldo Moses, who is the similar body type to Manny. He's a tall and lean type of guy. And then Maurice Charles, who is about 6'3 and 245 pounds. Maurice probably will hold up better against the run as opposed to Manny in certain situations. They'll all get some playing time out there at right end.

At left end, it's going to be a challenge for us. We're looking right now at Raymond Brooks out there. He's been a little rusty, but he is coming around. Your top four out there right now at end would be Mario, Manny, Renaldo and Maurice Charles.

How is Moses' knee doing?

Unbelievable. It's almost a blessing that he's not a big body weight guy. He's been able to come back fast for us. He's a real slow (weight) gainer and weighs about 213 pounds, but he's about 6'6 and he has long limbs, just like Manny.

How is Martrel Brown doing at defensive end?

I'm glad you mentioned him, because I unintentionally didn't mention him previously. Martrel was eating it up inside, but then had some problems with ‘stingers' in his shoulder. So, we moved him outside behind Mario [Williams]. We made him gain some weight to move inside, and now we've got to take some off there with him on the outside. No question he'll factor in for some playing time, hopefully at all four positions.

Can you comment on a few of the freshmen that perhaps may red-shirt?

Right now I don't think you can eliminate any of the young defensive ends. John Bedics is still being evaluated, and he's a good player. I would think the two guys physically that are possible red-shirt candidates would be Lamarte McGhee and Gerard Miller. But, they're out there competing too, so we'll have to see. I see great upside in both of those two. Lamarte has great size at about 6'5 and 296 pounds as a true freshman. He's strong, but just has to learn what he's doing. And the Miller kid has a great nose for the football.

Will (St. Augustine transfer) John Amanchukwu factor in at all in the future?

We call him 'John Wu.' He's got to sit out a year, but if we can hang on to him, after a year he'll be a player. He's right at 6'4 and 292 pounds. He's got some promise.

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