Locker Room Report -- Wolfpack Players

<B>Raleigh, NC -- </b>Several Wolfpack players met with the media following the 42-0 victory over Richmond, and here is a sampler of what they had to say. <P>

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    Quarterback Jay Davis
    Show the whole package?

    We didn't show too much, but we showed enough of our offense.

    Upset about not playing the second half?
    No... no. Going into the game they told me that Marcus was going to get some reps. I didn't know when that was going to be, but it's good that he was able to get in there and he did well.

    Thoughts on Managing the Game: Our offensive line has a lot of veterans, and those guys are easy to manage. With the freshmen running backs and a couple of young receivers you do have to tell them sometimes who to block. From that aspect I thought I did a pretty good job.

    Thoughts on Scoring Strike to Clark on Final Throw:
    I guess so. Anytime you put six points on the board it's got to be a good throw.

    Grade on how he handled the game:
    I thought I handled it well, but there's certainly some things I can improve on. I made some mistakes, especially in the red zone, that I personally can't do anymore. If I can improve on the mistakes I made I'll be alright.

    Thoughts on Ohio State:
    I expect them to come and get us and we're going to do the same to them. It will be a fun game either way.

    Running Back Darrell Blackman
    Post-game Thoughts:

    I feel good right now. I now have the first game jitters out the way, and it felt good to be out there performing. The crowd was great.

    Improvement Throughout the Game:
    The line did a good job, and I started to open my eyes more and taking my time with the runs and cuts. Once I started doing that things just opened up for me.

    Thoughts on Atmosphere:
    My heart was pumping so fast, and I was just so excited to be out on the field playing. The atmosphere was overwhelming and it felt good to run out in front of that crowd.

    First touchdown of his career:
    That's great. My first college touchdown. I feel I accomplished something on the field and I made my self proud... and I made the team proud. We just performed for the fans.

    Free Safety Marcus Hudson
    Thoughts on Being Back:
    I was hungry all day. I've been starving for this for a year. Last year I was just sick when the reality hit that I wouldn't be playing. I have to be out there with my teammates.

    Why do you have great ball skills? When the ball's in the air is it yours?
    Pretty much. I've been taught to read the quarterback's eyes, and I have four older brothers who played on the defensive side of the ball. A lot of that stuff I got from them too.

    Running Back Bobby Washington
    Thoughts on First College Game:
    I think I did very good. I think the fans have accepted me into North Carolina State, and I think they loved how I played.

    Played in Front of First College Crowd:
    I was very hyped. A lot of people were screaming and it was my first time experiencing that. Usually I'm in the stands watching games like this, but I adapted very quick.

    I think we need to improve on bringing even more intensity in our next game. We need to have less penalties, and we need to play hard. If we just play hard things will be okay."

    Impressions of Jay Davis:
    I think Jay played a tremendous role tonight. He was calm, and he led the offense. He told us to run the ball hard and he was going to make good decisions. Overall I think he did a good job.

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