Locker Room Report: Amato Talks Richmond Win

<B>Raleigh, NC -- </b>Wolfpack Head Coach Chuck Amato met with the media following the 42-0 victory over Richmond, and here is a sampler of what he had to say.

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    Opening Statement
    There's a lot of things we can talk about and the biggest question that's been asked since January is 'Who's going to be the quarterback?' I thought Jay [Davis] did an outstanding job in handling the team, his composure with the team, and the confidence that he had. You can almost tell that he's been tutored by that youngster that left us, and he's learned an awful lot over the last three years.

    It was good to be able to get Marcus [Stone] in there. That was the first time Marcus has played in front of a crowd like that. That was really good.

    I thought the kicking game was good with the exception of the one fumble at the beginning of the second half.

    I thought the defense came up and did what they were suppose to do when they were put in that position.

    Penalties... too many. They took big plays away from us and created us to have to punt. I thought [John] Deraney did an outstanding job with all of his kicks and just missed that one field goal by not that much.

    We have to tackle better, and we have to stop the run better straight at us. If we don't, that game in fourteen days will be a long day.

    Thoughts on Davis managing the game?
    Setting people up, telling people what to do, getting things clicking, and everything that we ask him to check. We are all pleased. I'm sure his stats are pretty daggone good.

    Is this an extension of what you've seen from the freshmen tailbacks in practice?
    Yea, and you haven't seen the best yet. All of them. Reggie Davis, you put him in there, and it's even a different gear. When he runs in there he moves the pile, and he's been that way since he came back from his hamstring.

    Compare this team to the last time you had a quarterback making his start four years ago.
    Can't really compare except there's two quarterbacks making their debut. The supporting cast isn't even close.

    As I said before, Colmer is going to be a big, big important cog in this offense. He's got to get himself in better shape, and we kept him out of some things.

    But the running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, and Willie Wright was a great tight end but #80 is about forty pounds bigger and probably faster.

    Thoughts on Defense:
    Anytime you shut anybody out it's good. You have to give Richmond credit because they came out and got down 35-0 and in the second half was just outscored 7-0. They did a good job and kept things respectable.

    The defense answered the bell when they had to, and they stopped them when we needed to. Then again, we've got to do a better job tackling.

    Derek Morris Injury:
    We'll know more in the morning. From what I was told the X-rays say he's fine, but we'll know more in the morning. That ankle's holding up a big man.

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