Thursday Practice News and Notes

<B>Raleigh, NC --</b> Amato's thoughts on Jay Davis and bye week preparation are mentioned in today's practice report.

"No Need" for Second Half Duty for Davis
Should Wolfpack Head Coach Chuck Amato have got new starting quarterback Jay Davis another series at the beginning of the second half? According to him, Jay didn't need it and it was definitely Amato's decision.

"We were winning 35-0 and our defense was playing well, the kicking game was going well, and the offense was playing well," Amato said. "The obvious thing would be to have one more series, but no. Everybody on that first unit would go out there except the quarterback."

"What if he goes out there and someone falls on him, what if he goes out there and throws an interception, what if he goes out there and fumbles," Amato added.

The main reason for Amato's decision to play backup Marcus Stone the entire second half may have been to keep his starter's confidence high. A rough play may have rattled his confidence, and Amato may have done the best thing possible.

"All of sudden all that he did for thirty minutes goes down the drain in thirty seconds," Amato said.

Davis, who completed 16-of-22 passes for two scores in his first career start, now prepares this upcoming week for a stiff second test against a tough Ohio State defense.

Let's Prepare Now
With a bye week before Ohio State game week, there's no reason to take the week off according to Amato.

"There's a lot of different ways you can do it," Amato said. "We have decided to improve ourselves fundamentally and conditioning-wise... try to get our injured guys healthy. We can get a jump on Ohio State and watch last year's film... thing's like that. We gave them off yesterday and we're going from there."

This bye week gives NC State a chance to prepare for anything Ohio State may throw at them, a luxury the Wolfpack had thought they would receive last year. However, after scheduling a bye week prior to the Ohio State game, the league office revised the schedule and added a matchup against Wake Forest, a game NC State would go on to lose.

"I didn't ask for it last year," Amato said. "It was scheduled to have an open date last year and then they re-scheduled something differently."

Note: Wolfpack Head Coach Chuck Amato attended today's funeral service for John and Bowden Madden, the son-in-law and grandson of Florida State Head Coach Bobby Bowden.

Services for John and Bowden Madden were held at 11 a.m. ET at the First Baptist Church in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

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