Locker Room Report: Amato Meets the Media

<B>Raleigh, NC -- </b>Wolfpack Head Coach Chuck Amato met with the media following the 22-14 loss to Ohio State, and here is a sampler of what he had to say.

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Opening Statement
You think the word 'discipline' is a pretty good word for the motto of this team? Five field goals. Their starting field position averaged the 45-yard line and ours averaged the 17-yard line.

They are an outstanding football team and they are very well-coached. They came into this game negative seven in turnover margin, and they leave this game at negative two. I believe they got five turnovers. Every turnover was critical.

The penalties... the first time we have the football we make a first down, but we get a penalty. We have to punt the ball to them, we stop them, and then we have a penalty. I'm not complaining about the calls, believe me when I say that. We hold them on fourth down and run the punt back and get a penalty. It goes on and on and on.

That defense, they fought their fanny off, but discipline. I've said that enough, and you guys see all this stuff.

You've got to tip your hat to that team for the way they win football games. I said it this week, Woody Hayes is smiling. The kicking game and defense. We never had a chance to try our kicking game. [John] Deraney would have had to try an 85-yard field goal. We never had an opportunity to try it.

What do you say to Jay Davis after a game like this?
We say to Jay 'let's go on.' I'd tell him to, 'get your head up and stick your chest out. I know it's not real big, but stick it out anyways. Walk in here like you're a gentleman.'

What he did at the end of the game wasn't all that bad, and I know they were in a three man rush. He's got to go on.

He'll probably see the film tomorrow and kick himself in the fanny. He'll probably not be able to practice on Monday because his butt will be sore from kicking himself so much.

He played thirty minutes of football as a starting quarterback two weeks ago. That's a part of the growing pains.

He said he was too hyped up and needed to show more poise. Would you say the team as a whole needs to do that?
I don't think the team as a whole. Again the penalties put our offense back. The average starting position is at the 17-yard line. What do you do?

We've just got to go on and Jay will come through it. He'll come through it.

Could you talk about T.A.?
T.A.'s an awfully good football player. We've got four of them pretty daggone good running backs.

When did you know he would be able to play?
We felt all week that he was looking good. I told him that if he made it through this whole week that on Thursday I'd put him on a cart, and I would drive him down to this center so he wouldn't pull a hamstring walking here.

And it was blown out of proportion... sixteen pages on the internet. Holly smokes! A couple of people saw it, and a couple of people read it on the internet.

If he stays healthy he's as good as there is.

How do you correct some of the errors that may have shot you in the foot?
In the foot? Go a little bit higher and in the middle of the body. You just can't do that. We've got to work on it, work on it, and work on it.

What do you think causes those errors?
I think when you look at some of them it was youngsters. You don't realize how young some of those guys are, but I think it was aggression. They don't want to back down and are playing an outstanding team from the Big Ten conference. A team we went toe-to-toe with last year and went toe-to-toe with this year.

There's no question the defense has made strides this year and there has to be some pleasure in knowing the defense is better.
You think? They've done a good job and Reggie [Herring] has done an outstanding job. They are a year older, and they are still young.

I said it the other day, Ohio State had 14 guys drafted in the NFL and nine of their replacements were two-year letter winners. I had nobody graduate from my defense last year, and my starting defensive line has three one-year letter winners. They couldn't be more than that because they were only in school for one year.

They are going to be better and these are the things that make us realize we can go toe-to-toe with anybody.

How are Bobby Washington and Leroy Harris
Leroy, I believe he tweaked his ankle. He came hobbling off the field. I think they both will be fine.

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