Sunday Teleconference: Davis to Start Against Wake

<B>RALEIGH, N.C. -- </b>Wolfpack Head Coach Chuck Amato held his weekly teleconference this afternoon and here's a sampler of what he had to say.

Coach, you said yesterday that after Coach Herring viewed the film he would be pouting because it wasn't perfect. Is that how you found it today or was he in a little better mood?
Why, was he in a bad mood when you guys talked to him? There are a lot of things that need to be corrected. Little things, things that we as coaches should realize. The effort was really, really good.

Looking ahead to Wake, does quarterback Cory Randolph present some of the same problems as Bryan Randall and does Wake's running game add even more problems to make him more of a threat?
That misdirection stuff is the option without pitching the ball almost. Sometimes when they run plays and you stop the film they are actually almost in the wishbone.

You have to stop their running game, and I'm just getting ready to watch some film now on him. You put your corners on an island against them because you have to put so many people in the box.

Have you made a decision on the quarterback situation for Wake Forest?
We'll let you know next Sunday. Yea, we did. We're going to go with the way we started the game the other day. Jay's going to start and after probably the third series, Marcus is going to go in there, and we'll go from there.

We just feel that it went pretty good yesterday. There were some drops and some missed assignments in protection, and you can't hold the quarterbacks accountable for things of that magnitude.

You can look at the statistics of Marcus and say he was only 2 of 7, but he did create touchdowns. But, on two of those drives he was handing the ball off everytime. Jay threw a couple of good passes, so we're going to go with what we did this past week. Heck, if the results are the same we'll all be happy.

Can you talk about the coverage on punts? Was there a problem or just great plays?
They did a good job, they being Virginia Tech. They did a good job of scheming our scheme and they actually doubled-teamed our 'contain man' which kept them on the line of scrimmage. We didn't get to fan out far enough down field, and I'm not so sure that the punt wasn't so good that it created a problem with the coverage.

With the quarterback situation, do you still consider Jay the starter and Marcus the backup or do you feel that you have two quarterbacks that you can do what you want with?
I'd have to say we consider Jay the starter because he's going to start.

Can you talk about the job Manny Lawson has done since moving over to defensive end? I know there was some concern on everyone's part early on, but he's given you a lot in the pass rush.
No question. I can remember Pete Boulware at Florida State. As a freshman he was around 208 pounds, and as a red-shirt freshman he was around 220. Even his fourth year as a junior he was like 235, but he was so fast and his first step was so quick off the ball in passing situations. He did get over-powered at times in the running game.

But, Manny's taller and probably faster. Manny might be one of the fastest kids on our team. The big thing he does is he goes and he goes hard. When he beats a blocker he's at his best when he can zero in on a target and chase him down, at any position he plays.

Can you talk about your confidence in John Deraney and the thought process on that first field goal? Was there ever a consideration of punting?
No. No, the ball was on the 35-yard line. I said 'we punt it and he punts it out of the endzone.' John has been very good kicking the long field goal in practice, and I had no reservations. I said, 'let's kick it,' and everybody was kind of surprised.

John probably didn't hear me but when he kicked that and then kicked the ball out of the endzone I said, 'good job, Nugent.' I don't know if he heard me or if it went right over his head, but that was good to get the first points of that game.

How is the health of Chris Colmer and Derek Morris?
We think they'll be fine, but we'll know more tomorrow when we go out and practice.

Talk a little about Jon Holt and James Newby and the job they did taking over for Colmer and Morris.
They really did an admirable job. Newby's our sixth lineman, and he's actually practiced at both tackles and the guard positions. We think Newby's going to be a real good player for us.

Jon Holt, from the beginning of our offseason program, has really pushed himself. Jon came in and has really lost some weight, and he's really light on his feet. He gets around the basketball court pretty good, and he's fought to get himself stronger. You've got to have strength to play this game at every position, and Jon's getting there.

You had T.A. back there for a few of the kickoffs, can you tell us about the thought process of putting your starting tailback back there?
Well, I know one thing. When I coached against Jerry Claibourne at Maryland he had his tailbacks back there. Penn State had their tailbacks back there, and I wish I could have convinced Coach Bo Ryan to put Ted Brown back on punt returns and kick returns. If he would have returned two kicks his senior year he would have probably won the Heisman Trophy. He was third in the balloting.

What better player to have back there than a running back that knows how to run and on top of it is hard to tackle? We started it in two-a-days, and he was going to be the guy for the first game and he had a hamstring pull. As you can see in the first game we had Blackman and Washington back there.

No, I don't have any reservations about it. I want to win a football game. Here's a way that you can put the ball into his hands right off the bat.

Deraney mentioned that he's kicked a 73-yarder in practice or somewhere, were you around for this and can you confirm that?
I don't know. That might have been in one of his dreams, and I don't sleep with him.

He's got a strong leg, and I'm sure John wouldn't pull your leg on that. John's a pretty straight individual on things like that. He's got a strong leg, you can tell that when he kicks off.

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